BYU vs UCF Wednesday

The show is set with UCF. Who wins and why?

One thing for sure, they create lots of foul shooting opportunities. That may be an area of concern. Jim should be in top accusatory form :grinning:

Must get out and challenge 3s as they were 9-18 today.

It is very hard to beat a good team 3 times in a season. UCF could have issues later in the game since they will have only a 24 hour turnaround between games and may get fatigued. BYU should be well rested and shouldn’t be flat since they just played Saturday. Hopefully BYU’s depth and the short turnaround between games for UCF will allow the Cougs to prevail.

Yeah, lets completely disregard the fact that for the entire season UCF was next to last in the Big 12 in both 3 pointers made and 3 point FG shooting percentage. That pretty much solidifies them as the worst 3 point shooting team in the conference but now we have to focus our efforts on that.

Also, wasn’t it you that kept claiming that OSU was a “good” team? If they were so good, how did they lose to lowly UCF so badly today? It was a blowout. You can’t ignore your recent comments as they just don’t have any substance to them. Please try harder, instead of just posting whatever pops into your mind and then arguing with everyone.

Cue the argumentative response and deflection from reality in 3… 2… 1…

They nearly beat us twice. Wake up and smell the roses. Every team is dangerous when we have your attitude. :smiley:

So, the Gonzaga Tournament didn’t end with Gonzaga getting the automatic bid. Would have been a good year to take them on. Saint Marie too. :smile:

I happened to notice that one of the primary influencing reasons why BYU never won the WCC was officiating the game tonight. Interesting that he has been a central figure in the west coast conference all these years and even more interesting that he carried a dislike for BYU during the entire time they were part of the WCC.

Who dislikes BYU. And you have the information facts that proves this? Not just your opinion? :grin:

Time to start winding down the evening, get ready for bed, do Wordle at 12:01 and set the alarm to make sure fully awake for 10:30 tip-off!!!
Isn’t this year fun!!

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9:30 JCoug and my time. Good grief. Will our players wake up in time.

Great way to start the day!

You nailed it on “The Nose.” And yes you are right. And no I’m not gonna say how I know. But you are right.

sure hope he is not at any further BYU Utah games

took the words outta my mouth

Johnny Dawkins is a very good coach. I would play for that dude.

The down side for BYU is the 2nd time we played them Dialdio was rehabbing a sore leg. He is at full force now and with Ramadan, Khalifa will wilt if he bodies up to that dude

22 yr olds don’t fatugue when they have even 8 hrs between games…Everyone fatugues “IN GAME” if they don’t get TV timeout and timely rests…Hall is the key to tournament winning…so we will see.

I saw that Coach Few (Gonzaga) played 2 guys the full 40 minutes in their loss to SMC last night…and another guy, 38 minutes…

Coach Bennett played 2 guys for 40 mins in that same game. I think they get away with it because SMC plays pitifully slow. Would not work in our world of the Big 12

If you are going to make accusations then you have to explain in detail and show the proof. If not, you sound more like Adam Shift

Screwing BYU is my middle name…Front in center calling the SMC-Zag game last night, Coach Few & I have talked about that dude…hahahahahahaha…yup, THAT BAD!

This is TOOOOO GOOOD, Hopper telling someone to provide proof. When he argued for LeBron and KJ, Hopper used Chat AI. I repeat, CHAT AI. Hopper, there is no bottom for your hypocrisy.

Oh what a world, what a world

I think most of the guys on the board understood my message…more mysterious to leave out the name and the how and let people figure it out. Few was ready to explode last night…You Know Who was in fine form. I particularly miss his histrionics and dancing bear calls to bring attention to himself…SMH.

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Says who? Who made you the dictator of what should be? We’ve been down this road a thousand times with you so don’t bother coming along. Hit a rest stop and sleep it off. :joy:

Just provide the proof Fish Schiff

It’s not something that has to be proved with some kind of physical evidence. Stop asking for something you don’t need.