BYU vs. UM can they get it done?

Okay, so the score is Yoeli Childs 9 and UMass 0 to start the game.

So far so good…

So I couldn’t put the word “donkey” in the title but it is secretly hidden in the comment I made… LOL

Okay, so somebody tell me again what improvements Haws has made?

He isn’t doing anything out there right now, on either end of the floor, but he stays on the floor.

Dastrup made some good passes but he looks a little ragged too. No idea how this game will go, the big guy for UMass is allowed to do whatever he wants.

What is wrong with this team? Haws looks horrible, standing around a lot and the refs are all over UMass, helping them along the way.

I hear you on Haws. I don’t get it. BYU has no one who can just take over a game like Jimmer, the other Haws, and Collinsworth did. Maybe Yoeli will get to that, but he’s just not there yet.

the malaise of the WCC years is because neither Tyler Haws nor Collinsworth could or would take the team on their shoulders and will them to a win. Both great team players not great team leaders.

Tyler Haws and Collinsworth were light years ahead in court leadership than anyone on the team today.

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Nice pick by Dastrup, penetration by Hardnet, and finish by Childs. Well done, Cougs!

I kept harping on Dastrup needing more minutes.

Haws must be sick or having marital problems. He’s too good of a shooter to go 0-10.

Haws will see better days and have better games.

The problem a lot of the time is Rose’s stubborn ways and his fear of trying out new things. IT almost cost BYU in this game. There are other players on the team that can contribute, they just need the chance.

Dastrup is one of those guys, Hardnett is one of those guys. If Haws isn’t playing well, it’s okay to sit him down… is his ego that fragile? Come on man. I like what SG said about the team aspect though, that is what will help them be successful. Haws is learning… I hope.

More of your built in excuses…

But, I bet I’m right :slight_smile:

You are always delusional about being right, even when it is obvious you are wrong. Maybe you are right on this but more likely Haws just had a bad game. When he does, it is okay to sit him unless Rose is bound by some unwritten rule that says you can’t bench LP3 players…

It was a great win! A W!!! We will take it!
The key is we have to not get down by too much in the first half. Rose needs to figure out how to have good first half’s.

Didn’t see the game. As SG said about TJ either sick or something with 0-10 shooting? Seems to me Dave Rose must be sick. I just don’t get it why Dave didn’t sit him if TJ not doing well in the game. I did see that stats that we were behind in 1st half by 10 or something. They need to get it figure out not allowing to happen like that. We luck out on this game. Nice win. Go Cougars!

completely agree.
but neither could lift the team up when the going got tough at the end of a game. They couldn’t say to the team just get me the ball and everything will be fine. KC just couldn’t shoot that well and the team around Haws didn’t have enough strength for any decoys other than him…he relied on set plays to open him up…didn’t have the ability to create on his own…NBA is out of reach for both because of those two major problems.