BYU vs. UMASS what is the gameplan?

Just when I thought the Cougars were improving, the woulda coulda shoulda boys take the field for a game against a weak group of minutemen. 14-9 at halftime is not impressive.

So now it is into the second half and someone please tell me why Blaine Fowler is making excuses for Hill? Correct me if I’m wrong but how is the toughest pass for a QB when he is rolling to his right and has to throw downfield? It is way harder when you roll to your left and have to throw back across the field. In fact it is nearly impossible. Also, that isn’t even what Hill did… he simply threw the ball too far out in front of the receiver and ultimately BYU settled for a field goal. Now it is 17-9.

If I was strapped to an upright table, I would have no problem if Hill was throwing knives or footballs or whatever, I don’t think he could hit me…

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Okay, so the game is going to end up as an easy win thanks to the defense. The offense still hasn’t done much… but blocked punts, fumble recoveries and interceptions will score a lot of points. Honestly though, I believed the offense would be better than it is right now.

:smiley: That’s about the way I see it too.

I think Taysom was trying to complete an interception on that last play. :wink:

LOL!!! We won big and Detmer figures them out. Rushing was big again. Passing was okay in the first half. Hill threw some really good passes. And, that pass is difficult. Passing back to the middle either way is difficult. I think Fowler is a better pro to know that than yourself :wink: Hill 61% passing and Tanner 50%. That’s why Hill is starting :slight_smile:
Tanner comes in and blah. One good pass. He will be ready for next year. We will miss Williams as we have in several games.
Special teams and defense in the second half were much better. Must win next week!

Quack,Quack,Quack Utah lost bye bye Rose Bowl or NY6. Some of those Utard fans are jerks. :wink:

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If you had been watching the game you would know that he said it is “The most difficult throw for a qb to make”. I think he misstated and couldn’t really correct himself.

It is really important to know what was being said and the context… then you can at least attempt to say something intelligent. :grinning:

You thought he misstated? No. :thinking:

Hill put up some lovely “touch” throws and long bombs…too bad they were to the wrong shoulder and ‘too’ deep.



The defense should get the credit for that win… not the Detmer or the anemic offense… How many times did the defense get the ball in the blue zone only to watch the offense settle for field goals?

I found a comment by Blaine Fowler interesting: He basically said that Sitake was having the offense run the ball more because of the offensive line. Apparently because of “youth and inexperience” the lineman can not pass block. It is easier to run block than pass block…

this the offense is anemic, not sure why with a great running back (who is currently injured) and decent QB Hill (he is far from great). The issue I see is that the only receiver who can catch the ball is Jurgensen, the others have block hands…

Well, you basically explained why Hill is better than his 61% passing. His receivers are very poor. This means Tanner 50% passing wouldn’t have made a difference. And most likely we may only be 6 and 6.
The coaches had to decide whether to stick with a fast pace game or huddle every play game to get ready for next year. I think the latter is the correct answer and wrong for the coaches to have done that with Hill.
Also, since Tanner is better than Brady according to many in here, Hill should have been running 10-15 times a game starting the first game. Not holding him back like they did.

ONE completion over 40 yards this season on 351 attempts. Just think about that for a minute. Is almost impossible to fathom. 11 TDs vs 9 INTs. There is really nothing else to say about Hill’s lack of touch and feel downfield.

When Fowler said that, my grown son (who knows considerably more about football than I do) just looked at each other and started laughing.

Wrong analysis again. The reason no pass completions over 40 yards is because of his receivers not getting open. And, they don’t catch the ones they could of. #1 is a horrible receiver with good speed. And, with his ability to disrupt the defensive backs with his running ability no need to stretch the defense with long passes.
Not until the 4th quarter in most of the games did Detmer let Hill run. Mistake.

Live in FL but working in Colorado for the week. Get rental car on Friday and drive to UT. Get there by midnight. Go to football game the next day with daughter. Go to women’s and men’s basketball games with son. That was my plan and it was well executed!

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:sweat_smile: That is an awesome plan and I’m glad it was well executed!

This is the kind of story that makes my day!

may just be the quote of the year on Hill.
This lame argument of “Tanner would not make a difference” makes no sense. We have all seen the throws from Hill and we have all seen the throws from Tanner. Mangum throws a “catchable” ball. I guess we will never know how the season would have turned out if Tanner had started but I would point out 3 obvious facts:

Hill was a master at getting short down conversions, better than anyone in the country. Tanner can run as well but he gets his with his arm. advantage Hill

Mangum has such good ball control that even a lousy receiver would catch his balls. Advantage Mangum

Lastly, and the game changer for me is, with Mangum in there, defenses would have to respect that and give Williams a whole lot more room to run.

For your last point, defenses have been stacking the box on BYU all season long. The best example of BYU being one dimensional was vs UCLA. They committed to stopping the run and dared Hill to beat them with his arm. That was the game that Tanner should have been called-up. Remember that Tanner almost beat UCLA the year before and was the best QB on the field even though the announcers were touting the chosen Rosen. For me, that was the game that told me the coaches were willing to lose a game or two to avoid shaking Hill’s confidence. After that loss, I figured the coaching staff was committed to Hill for better or for worse. Remember, BYU almost beat UCLA last year in spite of their outstanding running game. Think of what Tanner could have done with a healthy Williams. Oh well, like you said, we’ll never know. No sense in crying over spilled milk. It has still been a fun season and Hill has done a better job of passing since the UCLA game.

if it weren’t for Hill’s legs, we would not be having this conversation. Outside of that lame QB run call against Utah, you know the one that everyone in Utah knew we would try…and still tried? Yeah, that one…I have no complaints about Hill’s winning us games with his legs but I still dream of what we would look like if Tanner were the play caller with a healthy Williams.

Thank you, Glenn, for ruining an otherwise good afternoon… I just spilled my milk, and I’m crying…we were soooooo lucky to get all those turnovers, and soooooo lucky that a few opponents who would normally be favored over us had bad years (UofA, MSU and MSU), or played terrible against us (UCLA, UofU and BSU)…all that luck put us in line for a very special New Year’s Day Bowl Game season, if we just had an average passing game…not great, just average… And back to the whole spilled milk business…