BYU vs. UNLV - what happens in vegas is hopefully a win for Cougs

Looks like they are off to a good start and playing pretty well. I don’t think Vegas is a real good team but we will see. The Cougars are still missing some pieces and while the hopper likes Harding and Seljaas I just don’t think either of those two are going to contribute a lot this season. Maybe they develop into contributors at some point but I just saw both of them take wild 3 point shots that weren’t close.

Well, here we go. No perimeter defense and the man or zone or whatever they are trying to play is lazy and uninspired. UNLV has lost 3 straight games and it appears that a game vs. BYU is just what the doctor ordered.

Luke is the same as he always is, shouldn’t be playing D-1 ball and should rarely take a shot because when he does it’s a joke. Emery looks rusty and it seems as Rose is still trying to figure out what to do.

This team is mediocre at best and playing in an empty arena… down by 10 late in the first half.

Also, UNLV has 5 players from Africa, why doesn’t BYU have any?

Wow, terrible finish to the half. Baxter has 3 chances at a 1 and 1 and he misses the front end all 3 times. UNLV hits a 3 inbetween and they are up 17 at half time with BYU scoring a grand total of 30 points for the half?

This team is worse than mediocre, they are just not very good.

Baxter’s technique is horrible. Maybe the hopper can comment on it. No knee bend, standing upright, he shows no confidence whatsoever. How does a guy who can’t make a stinking free throw have a D-1 scholarship to play basketball?

Just for perspective, UNLV lost to LMU, a wcc bottom feeder, by double digits.

Emery is sparking here, will it be enough to get BYU back in this game? They are down 7 and this is certainly a winnable game.

Unfortunately we all know Nick is susceptible to the hero ball problem and he takes a wild three from no man’s land that isn’t close.

It’s okay though, BYU right back in it down only 3 now.

Okay that was a terrible last possesion to end the game. Now it is going to OT. BYU had 27 seconds to get a decent shot and the best they had was a 3 from Seljaas? Yoeli never touched the ball the entire time.

All the way back from a 17 point halftime deficit and lose in OT… bummer

Too bad-came from 17 down and gave up the 3 at the end.

That sucks! But, why did we get down by 17? This is another game we should have won by double digits.
I’ll also say again, we seem to lose a lot of games each year with poor freethrow shooting, missing layups and this year poor 3 point shooting.

Here we go again. Losing to bottom feeder again. I can see more losing to bottom feeders in the wcc again. I tell you, something need to be change and Dave Rose won’t get fired choose but he may choose to retire after this season.

Why Seljaas take the last shot at end of game? Why Yo didn’t have the ball in his hands to take it to the hoop for the win? And UNVL is the worse 3’s team except tonight. Good grief! We will lose the next two more games.

And yes, why we got behind by 17? Lazy defense? I thought BYU fix that last week playing tough defense. Can’t play solid 40 minutes and + OT defense.

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I didn’t see the game. Was Yolie open or were they double teaming him and Haws? Sejlass was open. He was shooting 50%. That again wasn’t the problem. The problem is free throws. They hit 86% and we don’t. That’s what it comes down to in close games.
And, they shot lights out from 3’s. We didn’t, again.

Yeah, he was 50% shooting 4-8 but 3’s at 2-6, 33%. He was 2-2 on his 2’s, 100% shooting. He has missed some potential 3’s at end of regulation 2 times this year and once last year when “Eli Bryant should of gone that last play.” And YES he was trying to be HERO BALL himself just like Jim Hawkes was saying before. But Seljaas could still hit the 2’s where he could be 3-3 on 2’s and still be 100% shooting for the night and then it will be HISTORY for this kid. But I believe he more likely will miss that last shot anyhow in end of game.

Couldn’t tell if Yoeli was double team and Seljaas took that last shot anyway. Same old thing.

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Childs was doubles and Sejlass had to take the shot. What happened to Harding? He started off with 5 points early and then nothing. Did he get hurt?
Make free throws and win games.

The bb team, as most of us know, isn’t going to be saved by the arrival of Emery to the court. He is a decent player but not a star in any sense of the definition. We will look back and realize that the Utah and Utah St wins were against teams who just aren’t good teams. Utah especially. I am disillusioned and now realize that Rose just can’t do the job of building an NCAA team any longer. He has surrounded himself with young coaches who have no experience except playing bb for Rose. Lewis might be a good coach but we will never know under Rose.

BYU bb is geared for a below 4th place finish in the WCC. I say 5th or 6th which I didn’t think was possible… but now know is possible. UNLV isn’t a good team either.

Anyone remember one time when hired as HC, his goal to get to Final 4 and two times that we have a chance to get to Final4, first the LP3 and then later with 3, 4 stars players of Harding, Baxter & Lee? Maybe he is trying too much and didn’t want to fail himself. It is time for him to call it quit. He can’t see the crystal ball playing heavy guard mindset and not enough on defense.

I would say giving up 13/27 3 pointers didn’t help. BYU shot 53% 4 the game and were out boarded by 5. Tough losd

Sorry at this point in his career-i don’t want Seljass taking that shot. Childs, Haws, Hardnett all driving but not Seljass

nonsense. BYU had the ball for 25 seconds and Yoeli never even touched it. They should have driven the ball into the paint with a pass or dribble and tried a closer shot to score or draw a foul.

That last shot had a less than 30% chance of going in and with Zac shooting it in that situation probably more like 10%. A closer shot has a better chance and a free throw chance has a much better chance.

It was poor coaching and decision making, something I would expect from a weaker high school team with inexperienced players.