BYU vs. USF at San Francisco

There’s still a lot of false information about the Church and BYU. All we can do is be good examples and let the players and coaches do their work.

Basically yes-do what we are supposed to do best

I think your post is fair. I also think we will see Pope signing really good recruits from all over, because the word on him is already out: he’s a stud who kids want to play for. Look at what he’s already done in so short a time: Haarms, Averette, and George are excellent players signed just this year, none are LDS, and they are from all over. I really think Pope is getting a “rep” with recruits that you want to play for him (see Lohner as well).

I didn’t say you “didn’t need them”. I also said I bet he is a great young man. I’m not sure about the practice player thing but I will give you that one. I understand what you are saying, Lee shouldn’t be starting (one reason the team starts “slow”) and maybe Harward does better when he comes off the bench to spark the team, George and Lohner too. I am just saying that there are better players who probably didn’t get the high school accolades that Lee did. Did Lee serve a mission?

Yes Lee served a mission.
I think Lee’s baby hook is effective, and I think he is a very good passer from the post, and thus is a big who helps a team that is offensively challenged. But I would like to see Lohner starting and think he might be by the end of the season.

I thought that Lohner played his best game tonight, He timed that steal perfectly and no goofball mistakes like I see in all his past games. High marks

As for recruiting, who wouldn’t want to play for Pope and the best locker room in America?

Understand your point, This is how I see it…Pope rewards seniority. With so much talent on the team, it would be easy to be butt hurt if someone started ahead of you. but if you are a senior, why not start, if only for a few minutes, then the real studs take over, everyone is happy. Unlike Worthington, Lee does not foul every possession, he is a smart player that can hit a 3. And it is impossible to get around all that thickness both on D and O. Last year, has a money hook shot. Lee was our inside anchor when Childs was in foul trouble or for a breather. Solid player. Harrms and Harward make him the 3rd option.
Scary moment when Harward went down tonight, his hand quit working, stinger I guess.

Coach Pope agreed with you…then he sat Lee…and now Lee is starting again…because the team starts better with him starting…per Pope…who uses all kinda advanced stats, and his gut, to make such decisions.

Speaking of advanced stats, I bet Coach Pope noticed that Haarms and Harward combined to score 35 points without missing a shot–combined 14/14 from the field!!!

Now the world knows Haarms had a perfect game against Portlandia.

Another great point. These guys love what BYU represents or they would go to a school that is just a little more fun, shall we say. It would be interesting if some phych grad did their thesis on just how many non members come here and marry-join as Detmer did…BTW, I wonder what Detmer thought of that good member that stole his life savings?

I think Harward and Lohner are both foul prone. I would rather see them in the 2nd half when the game is on the line than sitting with 4 fouls. I would rather see Lee using up some of those fouls early-just saying-and Lee typically comes up with a double figure scoring game once in a while. I believe Harvard and Lohner are better passers than Lee as he is looking at the ball a lot when backing his man in and often turns it over when doubled. Everyone has their place on this team, including Lee. Hopefully George will play more against PU as it’s a critical two games for both teams

Just looking at the B10 competition that Haarms is used to playing.
Gonzaga and BYU are the only teams that statistically would be competitive in that league given current rosters and schedules.
Haarms should positively feast on the rest of the schedule up to the last game of the regular season…maybe by then he will have built up enough confidence he will be able to prove himself to have improved by beating up on the lesser competition in the WCC?
Coach Burgess I think has proven somewhat prophetic when he said back when Haarms signed on that the BYU frontcourt would be the best in the nation…if Baxter and to a lesser extent Lowell had not been injured his prediction would have easily been proven correct by now. But even with two major players missing the bigs are coming together…will they hold for a deep run in March? I look forward to seeing how far…30 days without being home probably played some mind games with the three point shooters more than the bigs so even they will improve on the road with aid of some extra home cooking the rest of the way…

That is THE BIG STORY that we tend to overlook. BYU lost 2 starters, and I say that knowing Baxter’s inside play would of generated double double nights and blocks galore coupled with Lowell’s long distance shooting on a 6’10 frame. Baxter as a starter was a given. He would completely eat up Lee’s minutes because he plays about 2 feet taller and would most likely have a higher block % then even Haarms.
Lowell just has had rotten luck. He came back rusty from a torn labrum, just as Baxter did and just blew out that leg. I hope they both come back solid next year. But just think of where we would be if Lowell at 6’10 was playing the 2 or 3?

Lee can’t guard Edwards, he is Pepperdine’s best outside scorer. The reason Edwards is tearing it up in the WCC IS because he is 6’8 and acts as a shooting guard, then when these 6’1 WCC guards do cover him out at the 3, he just takes them inside. The only teams in the WCC to have guys that can guard that is BYU and Gonzaga. Edwards stats for the GU game were
34 mins
14 points
1 OR, 3 DR
2 turnovers
1 block
0 assists

IN the Portland game (common foe) Edwards had
35 min
21 points
2 OR, 7DR
4 blocks
1 steal
3 assists

Gonzaga would of used Kispert and Watson on him. Kispert is up for POY.
So…BYU is going to have to use the secret weapon, George, on Edwards at the expense of Knell, Harding. Pope might try Johnson on him.