BYU vs Utah BBG

Can’t watch it. Box score suggests poor shooting again. Also, are there no fouls? 4 on BYU and 2 on Utah? Yuk…
Is Utah really not fouling?

I can’t watch the basketball game when BYU is playing football at the same time. Who is the knucklehead that scheduled two of the biggest BYU sporting events to happen at the same time. On top of that, the announcer on BYU radio is terrible. I can’t get any feel or idea for how the game is going.

BYU is leading by 8 with a minute and a half to go.

As far as the football game goes, USC is as bad as their Pac-12 officials. What a bogus conference, the Pac-12.

BYU wins by 11, Utes go down at home.

So sad for the lowly Utes…

The officials are horrible in the football game. Looks like the same thing in basketball. But, I don’t have the PAC12 network.