BYU vs Utah Comments

Offense needs to run more…

Hall is overrated. He can’t pass. All BYU does is run. Put in Baylor Romney at QB.

seriously, two missed calls?
holding on the receiver and encroachment?

They need to do something soon.

Good stop on the last play.

defense looks good SO FAR!

Too slow. He’d get sacked

can see BYU. fixed their tackling problem (sarcasm intended)

Big win! Held the might Utes to 17 points!

Hall played much better in the second half. Short passes and his runs. He so far doesn’t have the long pass game like Wilson. Hall does have speed. Our defense was better in the second have, down hill, off and on rushes. Allgeier ran great, he is very powerful. Each game will take something different to win according to the opponent.

Can’t judge the long pass playing P5 teams and compare against Wilson against the teams we played last year. Hall did fine.
Defense played well all game long. Can they keep it up next week?

Great game management by Hall.

He deserves a lot of credit for the win.

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Two good games in a row. Next week will be just as difficult. I hope we didn’t suffer anymore injuries tonight.

not sayin a word about Hall. He played like he was the 4 year starter, completely outclassed Brewer.