BYU vs. Utah great win!

Interesting that nobody is posting anything after the first win against Utah in more than 10 years. I loved watching that game and though there were some frustrations and tense moments, it felt really good to finally beat Utah. I thought Hall was a great game manager tonight. He made good decisions, had some really good runs and didn’t make any bad mistakes. Though he was inexperienced compared to the Utah QB I thought he outplayed him by a large margin and did what he needed to for BYU to win the game. I thought the defense was good too. They had some bad moments with tackling but overall they made some good plays too. There was QB pressure and tackles for loss on several occasions so they deserve some credit as well. This will keep some of you off the D coordinator for a week or so which is a good thing. The team looked much better tonight against a better team than last week’s Arizona game. I hope someone takes the time to give out some grades at some point because overall I think BYU scored at least a B+ or even an A- because of the significance of this win.

It has been a very good week for BYU fans as they are invited to the Big 12 conference and come up with a win against a very good Utah team. Go Cougs!

Another area that needs to be praised is our OL. No sacks and good blocking against a great defensive line and linebackers. While our defense rushed and sacked Utah’s QB. Hopefully we will continue to be aggressive on defense.

Everyone is too relieved and celebrating to be posting!! The defense played much better with no rush 3 and drop 8 baloney! I suspect that Sitake had a big hand in the defensive game plan but it doesn’t really matter who decided to play like a real defense …… as long as they did it. Sitake didn’t show much in the Arizona game on offense or defense compared to what Utah was given. Just really good coaching last night. Sure we had some lapses on defense but compared to what we are used to seeing …… much much better performance.

I think Utah will be wanting to play us every year from now on and it is funny that Florida ousted us from the Utes schedule and this loss will hang over their heads. Of course we have no idea how the season will unfold for Arizona or Utah. Hopefully we won’t find out that neither team is any good.

I was too drunk…drunk on our historic weekend. drunk on dominating Utah. Drunk on the idea that Hall may just be another 1st rounder. Drunk on the thought of BYU playing OK and Tx before they leave and Kansas every single friggin year.

Aaaaaa…A+ on Hall and A+ on Defense… Lets face it, you all saw who Sitake hugged before the end of the game. Tuiaki is going nowhere and he showed that he can be imaginative…Pili delayed blitzes up the middle were a thing of beauty.

A+ for our Oline and the push they got on what Witt was calling his best team ever…
5 Reasons Why BYU Finally Beat Utah (

SB Nation points out 5 reasons why BYU won the game but never once mentions a word about our Oline…We PUSHED UTAH AROUND. That never happens!. Watch out, we make it out of next weeks game and we are looking at a special year.

The truth!!!

Zona looks like a hot mess, they will be lucky to win a single game in the P12 but Utah is going to challenge for the South, mark it down.

Thank you thank you thank you thank BYU beating Utah.
I know I didn’t predict the Game for last night because I didn’t want to be a jinx. I wish that I could see Jaren Hall how he did with his running on the field.
I’d would like to know when if I could see a replay on BYU TV?

The ESPN televised BYU games are available 24 hrs after the end of the broadcast on BYUTV ……. I think!

We’re you the guy I saw passed out at the end of the bar last night?:joy:. I was the guy punching the air celebrating. Soooo glad the scouts proved me wrong. For me the keys were:

  1. Please please pretty please Tuiaki realize that you don’t need to play afraid. It’s like he got aggressive out of desperation and realized DING DING DING IT WORKS. Props and hope it continues.
  2. My boy Allgeier had 13 for 23 at half. In the second half he was 14 for 80. 14 for 80 up the guy against a front 7 like that is REAL. Between the tackles and RUNNING GUYS OVER. He is a MAN.
  3. Our OL was solid. As in really good.
  4. Let’s recognize our corners—with our blitzing we played a lot of man and our corners ERASED the Utes’ WRs. Like totally eliminated.
  5. The Nacua brothers will be real difference makers. Already are.

There is a lot of reasons why BYU won. Nacua bros being in that game makes BYU lethal no doubt but for me, the one big key is Hall, he played like a 4 yr vet.

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This could be the greatest post game interview of a BYU football player ever.

I love it when he answers the last question “where is the after party for you tonight?”

I absolutely love that kid. Go Cougars!

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Perfect. What a kid.