BYU vs. UTAH STATE - time for small ball

Okay, here we go with BYU starting 4 guards and Yoeli Childs and Mr. Childs is going to stand on the outside and shoot 3’s too.

I don’t like the strategy, but then again I don’t really like Rose’s approach. BYU is not getting any rebounds though they lead the game early.

If somebody has any idea what the strategy with starting 4 guards is, I will listen.


We won 95-80. Emery did well for the first time in. The guards did well. No complaints here.

They got off to a hot start and Utah St. was cold and couldn’t hit anything. The fast start carried them to a win. That is the good part of it. The fact that they have no interior defense or big men to stop teams from going inside is something that will hurt them against bigger and more athletic teams.

Good to win that game but lots of stuff to improve on and work at. Not having any size will be a problem in the future.

Jim H: I have had questions about BYU’s lack of inside play for several years. I keep looking for BYU to use some inside bigs. I think that Rose just doesn’t want to play inside ball vs. up tempo for some reason. I agree with you about Yoeli Childs shooting threes from the outside. But he had a very good game tonight and some of the non-factor players played well tonight, surprisingly. But it was obvious that Utah State was driving well in the second half of tonight’s game. To me this was was best game played by BYU this year. I was happy to see Emery play well, pretty much like his old self. BYU has been playing with two or three players, i.e. Childs, Haws and sometimes Hardnet. But tonight with the addition of Emery somehow the non-factor guys stepped up. I am concerned about the future, We shall see…

Well, we will see if teams can keep up with our quickness. That was a good Utah State. So, good win. Hopefully, the same thing will happen Saturday against Utard.

I’d like to see more time for Baxter. It’s just when he’s been in he hasn’t played well. I still think Lee should be getting Worthington’s time.

It goes a long the line of “Five slama jama” philosophy of Rose…

Rose does not develop “Big’s” that is why we have no interior player except maybe Childs, who was taught in High School how to play inside. He had a really good coach.

Baxter is new and raw, but I think his inexperience is holding him back, add to the fact Rose doesn’t like playing inside-out ball… Baxter won’t develop unless he does it on his own.

Here is an interesting tidbit for you Jim, of the 15 players on the team, only five are listed as “Forward”, the rest is “Guard”… maybe that answers your question.

My impressions: BYU played like they should at home.

Rose was barkin like his job was on the line. The Cougs played defense all night and would not let USU’s best player Sam Merrell get a look at the basket until midway in the 2nd.

The 6 11’ kid, Queta, is a NBA talent. He did not join USU until the end of the summer and is very raw but already has NBA skills

BYU will be in big trouble those nights that Yo gets into foul trouble. We are very susceptible in the middle with no replacements for Yo. Baxter for some reason is regressing, looks lost out there. He needs more time and needs confidence.

No doubt Emery changed the game, in the first 30 seconds of the game, a big 3, makes a steal, hits a big assist. That 3 was big because BYU has been driving to the hoop in past games, kicking it out and no one could hit the open shot. Emery’s 3 started a big run and loosened everyone up. I know its a big deal for TJ to have Emery back, they only have played together for most of their lives. The other thing that Emery did was play completely in control. HE SHOULD OF TRANSFERED but having said that Emery will win a number of games that BYU would lose just because he can hit big shots and works so well with TJ.

Emery also took the assignment of covering Merrell and for the most part locked him down in the 1st half.

Harding had double digits in the 1st half. hitting from the corner or driving to the hoop, it did not matter. He really needs to be out there at the expense of Seljaas.

Head scratcher of the night…So we know Nixon was a bust as a starter, love his hustle but he can’t pass and he can’t shoot but he sure can junk dog it up in the middle…anyhow; so we start Cannon instead. What the Freak was that?

Best rotation by a mile. Yo, TJ, Emery, Harding and Hardnett.

Probably right. We will give up some down low but we can drive and shoot much better. I like Hardnett but he doesn’t bring it every game. So, I like starting with Emery, TJ, Harding, Nixon and Childs. Next off the bench, Hardnett, Sejlass, Conner’s, Lee and Baxter. The others when we the first and 2nd team guards struggle.

Yes, what’s up with Baxter? Not only lost on offense but he has his feet glued to the floor on defense. Stage fright?

And that is the single reason why BYU will lose once we get to post season. Good coaches, and everyone that coaches in post season is a good coach, will double Childs or focus on getting him in foul trouble. BYU will be one and done. Every team that blew BYU out so far this seaon doubled Childs and why USU didn’t is a riddle. Rose coached his butt off last night, like his job was on the line. The guards hit over 50% from 3 for the night so it would of been tough for any team to beat BYU at home last night. We also when 17-21 at the FT line. Enjoy the season, we will see plenty of melt downs and enough games where everyone plays great and we will and that gives us false hope because Rose will never look to the future and develop his bench for post season.

Like I said before, I don’t talk about wanting to get rid to certain coaches. It is not in my mind. BUT, Dave Rose should put that mindset "“My Job is on the Line” to get his players fired up every games like what happened last night WIN. I still get frusted for a long time that he doesn’t develop his players and staying at 6 or 7 players and not work with his bench players.

I am not sure if I read it somewhere that Gavin Baxter may be injured. He could still be in Missionary Rust and same with Lee.

He played 5 minutes last night. He just looks slow and lost. Nothing like his first couple of games.

What do you mean “we will see”? We have seen it several times this season already. I guess Weber couldn’t keep up with BYU’s quickness and that is why they scored 115 points. Wow, some of your comments are just hilarious.

Emery didn’t play against Weber.

Emery could not play in the Weber game, because he was still under the 9 game suspension… Thought that was obvious.

We all knew Emery not allow to play through 9 games. Whatever hopper

The point is had he played we would have shut them down a bit more and won the game. The thread was partly about Emery and what he will bring to our defense. Due try to stay up.

See response to Floyd…

Well Scott, if you want people to try and keep up with your logic is asking a lot. We know it possible, but not probable! :open_mouth:

Well Emery did played against UVU 2 years ago and still lost which was at the MC. So what make you think we would have won against Weber State? Maybe we would have won those games against Nev, UH & ILl State? Nah, we would still lose to Nev. Maybe UH but yes against ISU.

Time to move on and stay playing hard like they did against USU every each games going foward.