BYU vs. Utah State

So here we go and the Cougars looking like a bunch of high school head cases. Seriously, what a pathetic performance in the first quarter against a very average Utah St. team. The defense looks bored and are getting owned while the offense looks like it is being run by a high school qb who has a year of experience.

Dang it is hard being a BYU fan…

Get rid of Mangum, this guy has had it. Put in Wilson at QB.

Thoroughly disgusted by the performance I am watching tonight. I called the last touchdown before it happened. Called the play and everything. Who was the guy that fumbled?

This team is embarrassing and it would take a miracle for them to come back in this game.

USU beat a very good Michagan State team.
Having said that I am at the game(belated birthday present).

Watching the body language of the BYU player’s, there is no passion nor sense of urgency.

Front line can’t do crap on either side of the ball.

Holker fumbled., He also fumbled in the Wisconsin game

I have defended Grimes in the past, but this game plan basically sucks. No urgency, no accountability.

Mangum can’t throw, O-Line looks like freshman high schoolers.

It time for a switch either QB OR OC.

Might as well add to the list… Get rid of Stiake childhood friend the DC…

Is this you Floyd or an imposter🤔

LOL! This game is hard to watch. The defense is especially disappointing. Why do the players stand there and wait to see what USU is going to do every play. There is no penetration or pressure. The d line stands and watches to see of USU will run or pass. The offense is stagnant, the defense can’t tackle.


So Floyd, since you are there-does Mangum look like he doesn’t see the field very good? I watched Bushman break wide open about 2 seconds before Mangum threw it to him and he appeared to be looking right at him

It’s me, freezing my butt off watching inept coaching from BYU didelines.

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No protection from his line… he is getting someone in his face every play.

The body language on the field is bad.

He made a couple of decent longer throws

I’m sorry to say, I don’t think Sitaki and his DC are going to make it. No excuse for the lack of intensity at home against USU

A couple of things that we have to do from here. First, we need to put pressure on the QBs. Second, we have to start games throwing down field and being real aggressive. No more 2 ft. Passes. Pass down the middle. Be aggressive.

Tough to do when you refuse to blitz. That’s been a problem since Mendenhall left

That’s what I’m talking about. Time to blitz a lot more. Tanner is okay passing 20 yards and in. But, Wilson can do that too. Tanner can’t throw long. He’s always short. Wilson can throw deep. Time to give him a chance.

Doesn’t look like Wilson is getting time. I would have played him all of the 4th quarter just to see what he has. The game was over anyway

Sorry, Utah State’s only loss was to Mich. St. BYU sucks. The ESPN boys said BYU can win if Mangum continues to play like he did last week and the week before. Wow, where did they get this. Mangum needs to sit on the bench for the rest of October. Put him in the game against Boise State so BYU can claim that Mangum can play better like last week against Wash. and we can have an excuse when we lose to Boise St.

Wilson should have been put in the game mid-second quarter. Mangum needs to sit.

Get rid of Mangum, this guy has had it. Good, Wilson is in the game. Start him for the rest of the season.