BYU vs. UVU who should I root for?

Well, 4+ minutes into the game and BYU has 2 points again. It’s a good thing Worthington is starting though because he just had a nice move under the basket and finished it by bonking the shot off the bottom of the backboard.


So the game is at 11-9 now.

Worthington back in the game…

gets swatted on an easy layup attempt on a great pass from Yoeli and then gets a foul called on him for hooking and pulling down a UVU player underneath the basket.

Can he get any worse?

He just got a flagrant one for his actions… terrible.

Honestly if it weren’t for Hardnett, BYU would be pretty awful.

It’s going to be a long season…

BYU down 26-25 at halftime.

Really? 25 points in a half against UVU?

Like I said in the topic subject… “who should I root for”?

UVU shooting 23% for the game and leads at halftime… wow!

So how do the rest of you feel about the team going forward with TJ and Luke as co-team captains?

Some us could see this after last year

You mean “some of us saw this last year… and the year before” ?

I posted something before the start of the season about not seeing anything to get me excited about this coming season… same old thing as last year, etc.

Also, I just can’t stand TJ Haws. I hate his smug attitude, the fact that he looks like he is 35 and other things I just don’t want to mention here.

Honestly I wish he was never on BYU’s team.

I knew they would have trouble replacing Bryant this year. Haws certainly wasnt going to do it. Everyone has been raving about Childs this year, but I haven’t seen it yet. Relying on freshmen just isn’t smart and Seljaas needs to be a lot better. The numbers just don’t add up, but we will see

As I have said before, the BYU men’s basketball team has to show me what they can do. After several years of going down hill I have posted that it was maybe time for Head Coach to retire. He gets out coached over and over by other coaches from the opponents who play BYU. Yes, the Cougars win 20 to 25 plus games each year under this HC, but BYU hasn’t won a conference title in many years.Remeber, College basketball is a 30 to 40 game regular season these days. I remember when BYU could win 20 games in a 25 game regular season and we could win conference championships too. plus we won two NIT’ Championships.

I’ve said that for the last three years but probably not going to happen as they have extended Rose for 20-21. Looks like they will win this game, but not an impressive win, though some will probably claim otherwise

After the second half I’m glad Haws is on BYUs team. Aren’t you :slight_smile: it’s early in the season but Rose needs to put a team in the court in the beginning of games that can score and shoot.
Did you notice that Rose didn’t play Worthington in the 2nd half.

A tale of 2 half’s. TJ caught fire and absolutely carried the team. Credit where credit is due

He started the game so yeah… and he is a team captain… so yeah.

It’s sort of beside the point now and while I am glad BYU won I am having a hard time getting excited about this team moving forward. I want to see the new players do well but if they take on the mantra of Haws I won’t like them all that well.

The freshman have talent. But they aren’t at the level of talent Kentucky has with their freshman. We have no Jabari Parker like Duke recruits. We have talent that by their 3rd or 4th year they can play with most in the country. Haws and Emery are following that path nicely. Haws was 8-13. Not too many shots. Had a couple of drives knocked away but learned and shortened up his dribble and made the layups. When he gets winded and tried to do too much Rose pulled him sat him next to the coaches for an earful. Without him and Seljaas hitting their shots like last night teams can sag on Childs.