BYU vs. Valparaiso - What do you think so far?

If BYU could make free throws as easy as they seem to be able to make 3 point shots, they would be ahead in this game. The free throw shooting issues have only one problematic root. It is all about concentration. BYU lacks the mental focus that is necessary to be consistent with their free throw shooting. The other issue is defense. It is getting better as the game goes on, but it is still lacking.

The officiating is taking a turn for the worse… missed goaltending call and a bad call on Seljaas… and another on Austin…

it is starting to snowball.

Ugly game. Chatman is a one man wrecking crew…against his own team.

Forget the comment on the officials, but it isn’t helping BYU’s cause much. How an official misses the goaltending call I have no idea. BYU is being dominated in every stat category pretty much. I think they have more “steals” but that is about the only thing they lead in.

Need to make some big halftime adjustments. Hopefully they can.

Getting out rebounded by a large margin. Too many turnovers. And, layups and FT.

Chatman did hit a 3… and BYU’s bigs have yet to shoot, let alone score.

Is anybody else tired of watching the BYU defenders jump in the air on pump fakes? How many times do you do that before you realize it doesn’t work?

3 assists in the first half…

What just happened. BYU down by four? Now it is getting exciting.

Collinsworth is trying to do too much. Needs to slow down and get in the assist game again.

Hard to get assists shooting under 40%. 38% and FT at 64% just won’t do it. Seljaas showed his freshman side in a big arena. A couple of years off will do him good.
Great comeback. I hope next year with all the scoring potential we don’t get down far in games.

I counted 52 turnovers…

We had way too many on the 1st half.