BYU vs Washington St

If anyone else (other than the hopper of course) is watching and wanting to post frustrations or joys during the game here it is. Has anyone ever been on cougarboard? I have surfed a few times but it is always so busy and too many posters with too many irrelevant comments. There are some good posts but too much nonsense.

So apparently “the coaches really challenged Allgier after a sub par performance” according to the announcers. Yeah, he never plays with much effort and hasn’t been responsible for bailing out the coaches all season long… so he needed to be “challenged”. Am I missing something in that comment by the announcers?

Anyhow, go Cougars. Let’s get back on the winning track.

No pass rush, QB all the time in the world to throw, WSU getting away with a PI on 3rd down, an ill advised blitz after WSU gets down inside the 10, PAC 12 officials… nothing going well as expected.

Dang the defensive scheme is so bad.

Obviously WSU will be easy to score on as BYU goes right down the field with no problem. The question is will the defense, the scheme, the defensive coaches do something to stop WSU? That is where the game will be won or lost.

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BYU defense is so much better when they are aggressive (at the appropriate time) as opposed to standing back and bending…

Missed field goal = missed opportunity.

BYU needs to score on their opening drive and then put some pressure on the WSU offense to keep some momentum. If not they will give WSU hope and that isn’t a good thing.

Well… one part of the equation worked and then the BYU defense took the field.

This is kinda fun having a conversation with myself… it will probably be a more common thing, over the next few decades, moving forward. :laughing:

Second half is picking up steam for BYU as they are finding bigger running lanes and open receivers. Let’s keep the mistakes down and put this game away.

Getting a little tired of the announcer claiming that BYU is committing penalties every time they make a good play and defending WSU and complimenting them all the time.

Okay defense, stay aggressive, still lots of time left in this game. Let’s not make this about outscoring the opponent, let’s make it about dominating the second half.

How does BYU not make an interception on that WSU drive? Two missed opportunities to take a step toward putting the game away and blew both of them.

Is it raining? Why can’t the BYU players catch a pass? This is nonsense… on both sides of the ball.

Have I told anyone how much I hate this bend don’t break D? It is so bad. This is frustrating to watch.

… and there you go the bend defense broke. Shocking

It’s impossible to watch. We are flat out boring to watch (offense included).

I still pull for us and want us to win, but the excitement of watching BYU football is a thing of the past.

I don’t like the word boring here… it is still a good game to watch, overall. I also don’t like how it feels like BYU has to grind out a win in a game that they could have easily won with a little creativity or play making on either side of the ball.

I do like the win but I also understand where you are coming from. BYU really hasn’t had a convincing win but they have been part of two convincing losses.

What a nerve-racking game for blue cougars. Does anyone know the health status of Baylor Romney? Bronco Mendenhall will not allow Tyler Allgiere having a breakout game next week at Lavell Edwards stadium (hope I am wrong).
And yes today is another win and we are 4-0 over Pac12!

JCoug: Our defense is a joke. So is our QB Hall. He doesn’t have any quickness on plays when he needs it. A 21-19 score over a team with no experiences coaches. WOW, I believe with Baylor Romney in at QB BYU would
have scored at least 35 points.

Rubicon: Right on. Our BYU football teams seems to have died, especially with Hall in at QB. Baylor Romney in as QB would have made the game exciting. We would have scored more points.