BYU vs.WCC play, why BYU continues to lose

Eye on the Y: Breaking down BYU basketball’s defensive breakdowns (

1 Been talking about it all season.
BYU guards cannot stay in front of WCC guards. Speed kills and BYU has no speed

2 Rudi was ineffective in a Pope system, Trying to get a lifetime shot MAKER into a passing point failed. Out of desperation, Pope had to turn Rudi Williams loose and Williams had 2 of his best games this past week in spite of BYU’s losses.

Lastly Renalds covers how BYU will fare against SMC’s methodic “Waste no possession” offense. The answer is:
If BYU can keep its’ turnovers low, which it hasen’t, and if BYU can hit a bunch of 3s at home. BYU has a chance.

The fact that Robinson, Atiki and Waterman were are out for this game due to breaking a team rule, compounds our problems greatly.

Any comments on what the team rule was?

One team rule that everyone seems to be breaking… and has cost BYU a few wins is the team rule of making free throws and committing turnovers. That is a rule that they all seem to break every game and it has cost them big time.

Just sayin’…

hahaha, yes, they keep breakin that rule

BYU is tight lipped about why the players were suspended.

Didnt bother to post on SMC game. Its like following a script. SMC disciplined, like a machine, BYU gets a zillion out of Hall, Rudi, who has been scoring in the mid 20s, gets 2 points? seems to me that as a stat guy, Pope is has given up on this years’ team and is working on the Big 12.

On BYUSN today, Travis Hansen said Pope is one of the best coaches in the nation dealing with all the issues at BYU throws at him. I agree. I also agree that the coaches lack end of game situations. Up 2 with Gonzaga we should have defended against the 3 from half court in. Tied with SM, last play should give SM the least amount of time possible. Not 11 seconds. Ya, missed free throws is just what Hall is this year. We’ve been in all games except one. Pope has done a lot with this team.

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Every time I watch Sports Nation, All I see is rah. rah.
They never do “Objective” reporting but a lot of rationalizing.

Of Course Travis would say that… What else is he going to say? “Pope is in over his head”?

I see what you are trying to do. You are testing me with my New Year’s Resolution.
Anyways, I disagree with the “Objective” comment. Of course they try to keep things possible because of the program itself. But, they do go back and forth and ask good questions allowing Cougar Nation to chime in with comments as well. I rarely see rationalizing. For some reason Floyd, you don’t like Sitaki or Pope.
I agree that he’s done a great job with what he has to work with. I have questioned on other posts on what is going on when having to sit 3 players in the rotation with one a starter. But, this team shouldn’t be in any game that they have lost and yet they were. Pope is getting as much out of this bunch as he can.

Now, I do believe he needs to rethink the end of game strategies. Giving St. Mary’s 11 seconds to get into position for a shot was not a good strategy. Hall should have waited 8 or 10 more seconds and then go.