BYU vs. Wisconsin

Does this game look that much different than any of the previous ones?

Offense can’t do anything, Defense is bending and then breaking.

Turnovers are always there.

The team is pretty boring to watch…

Defense isn’t bending. The pass defense is just poor. Run defense is up and down. Offense looks better to me. Still very few points because of poor 3rd downs.

That is why I chose to read a book instead of watching an inept coaching staff trying to make an anemic offense work.

The issue is that Kalani hired all inexperienced coaches…

Detmer, Mahe, Gifford, Empey had ZERO college experience…

the offense show the lack of inexperience.

thus my choice to do something else…

I’ll always cheer the Cougars and watch them.
Not sure why we seem to be so tentative. There were times Hoge looked good. Then, like the safety, he looked bad. The screen pass that should have gone for a long ways that was batted down is another play leaves you scratching your hair.
I think though one should watch the game before commenting on it.

Not really necessary so far this year. I don’t think there has been one game worth watching so far, even though I have seen most of all of them.

The team hasn’t really been competitive in any of the last 3 games with the score of the Utah game being an anomaly which could have easily been just like the other two games where the score was not as indicative of the game itself. I don’t see BYU winning but maybe one game out of the next 3, against Utah state… maybe. The last 6 games are against very weak teams but based on what I have watched so far, I’m not sure they will fare all that well in those games either.

Remember, BYU did not look all that great against a Portland State team that just lost to UC Davis big. BYU is looking like Baylor this season.

do you listen to what the coaches say in their interviews?

they always talk about the bend don’t break defense they play.

that is why the corner are 15 yards off the receivers at the line of scrimmage… the bend don’t break defense scheme… duh!

Have to admit my Saturday afternoon plans have also changed. My golf game is improving because of it and I’m actually enjoying the time out in the sun, rather than mumbling to myself in front of the TV at home.

I actually thought I had set the recorder “just in case”, but thankfully I missed something there and it never did record. I saw the final score and read the reviews and that pretty much told the story.

Agree with you on coaching experience. I think our failure this year is equally shared amongst not very talented players and very inexperienced coached in their present position. Our “in game” adjustments are zippo and play calling on both sides of the line leave me scratching my head.

Enough said. I’ve put this team aside for this year. Maybe that means I’m not a “true” fan but honestly, wasting beautiful Saturday afternoon on this when you work all week just doesn’t cut it for me. So many fun things to do that are really enjoyable - watching this team is not one of them. So, unlike the coaches, I have made my “in season” adjustments and moved on.

Jim, I am too the point in my fandom where I do not want to hear the coaches spin on the game, I want to see some type of progress on the field.

I don’t mind losing if the team is competitive, but this offense is not and they are wearing down the defense so that side of the game looks bad.

so far this year, it has been the worse offensive output since 1974. the legends of BYU (Young, Wilson, Pitta,etc.) are all saying the same… the offense is bad, the worse they have seen in decades…

In my opinion it all boils down to the offensive coach (most of them) are all inexperienced on the D1 level.

Kalani says he wants to bring back the Edwards environment, then do what Lavell did… hire experienced, no nonsense coaches to teach these players.

that is what Lavell did that made him so great.

I think Orem Jr. High plays a better pass defense. WYCOWBOY

Here is my prediction for the rest of this season:

Fri, Sep 29 @ Utah State Coin Flip - call it a Win for BYU
Fri, Oct 6 vs Boise State Loss
Sat, Oct 14 @ MS State Sure Loss
Sat, Oct 21 @East Carolina Likely Loss. Call it a Loss
Sat, Oct 28 vs San Jose State Should be a Win
Sat, Nov 4 @ Fresno State Coin Flip - call it a Loss for BYU
Fri, Nov 10 @ UNLV Close Game - Call it a Win
Sat, Nov 18 vs UMass Should be a Win
Sat Nov 25 @Hawaii Likely Loss

Final Record: 5-8

Anything from 8-5 to 2-11 wouldn’t surprise me

Tolutau rushed for 50 yards on 10 carries in the first half. But, he only rushed 3 times in the second half for 8 yards. Why did he not get more touches?
We have 2 weeks to work on the offense and get more passing routs worked on. More work on defense too. I think we can beat USU and start rolling.

You think? We will! Because you know Coach Kalani would go nuts not winning this game.

Like the other games. I don’t know what his practices are like but he has to place football at a higher priority in his life as well as the players. Yes, there is more to life than football. But, it fans don’t fill the stands and watch on TV, his career there will be short lived.

Because they were so far behind and they didn’t generate any offense anyway… 6 points doesn’t get it done.

Not really much of an answer. They should have stayed with the offense.

They did and it didn’t work… haha.

Not if Tolatau wasn’t getting the ball they didn’t. Haha…

Tolatau getting the ball wasn’t going to change anything against Wisconsin.

Just like it didn’t change anything against Utah or LSU or Portland St. for that matter.

BYU’s problems are much bigger than getting the ball to Tolatau…

No but it was the problem in the Utah game. And LSU. No run game means passing will be poor too.
And going away from Tolatau wasn’t the right thing to do either