BYU weaknesses and strengths. start the discussion

Rather than quip about comments others make on coug. fan. How about we hear from you on what segments of BYU’s game will BYU struggle at and what parts will excel. I will just list the catagories and you can take it from there.




The Running backs

The Oline

On the Defense…

The DBs, Safties and Corners


D line and D ends

The Kicking Game

Lastly, Special Teams.

Any observations and certainly nuggets or insights would be appreciated

I will start the ball rolling. Here is an interesting nugget.

Cougar junior wide receiver Beau Tanner said that the BYU receivers have gotten to the point where they like facing press coverage.
“Sometimes they try to catch us off-guard but I think we’ve done a good job to not let it affect us,” Tanner said. “We like press coverage. We get to go deep when it’s press, so we like the big-play opportunities.
“They do try to get in our heads and they do a good job because we have some good defensive backs.”
Ghanwoloku laughed when he talked about seeing the receivers get frustrated when the cornerbacks are up in their face at the line.
“They get really frustrated, almost to the point of fighting,” Ghanwoloku said. “They get mad but we just keep doing it because it gets in their head and messes up their route.”

This is exactly what we need after the embarrassment we suffered at the hands of Michigan and the way they held, grabbed, stuffed and just man handled our underwhelming receivers, physically.

BYU isn’t “MICHIGAN”, it’s fun to talk about but the BYU corners won’t get away with it.

Did you not get the memo? Rather than quip about comments others make on coug. fan.
Come on Jim, you can do this

You are right. I wish I knew more about what is going on with the football team right now. Then I could actually make an intelligent (maybe) comment about something.

I think Mangum will do really well this year

How’s that? :grinning:

I agree. Mangum will have a great year, but I also hope that during the later half of the season, some of our other QBs will get some playing time. BYU has a stable of quarter backs that most top 25 teams would love to have, maybe even as starters.

haha, you make me laugh, Jim…yes, that is what we want to discuss



keep your cheese balls at home… for you, eating a cheese ball is akin to cannibalism.


2 weeks!!!

FISH, I like your thinking. This is my report card

Coaching HC A+

Offensive Cord A+

QB Coach A+

Receiving Coach A+

The RB’coach A

The Oline Coach A

Defensive Coordinator A+

Defense. Coach… A+

The DBs, Safties and Corners

Linebackers Coach A

D L and DE coaches A

The Kicking Coach A

Special Teams Coach A

Any observations and
certainly nuggets or
insights would be appreciated

I grade our coaches compared
to all other non P5 coaches.

Considering what we pay them,
all of our coaches are ourtstanding

Strengths of team are at QB and Defense.
Defense and Special Teams

The big question mark untti after the LSU game is:
The talented but inexperienced, WR’s TE’s RB’s

After the LSU game, we will know which shows up
as the dominate (talented or inexperienced) could
go either way.

Weaknesses: RB, WR, TE, only because of their inexperience.
The talent is there and this group, after the LSU game,
could show as a strength.

Over all, I have very high hopes for our team this season.
If we can win 3 of the following 5 games, I will really be stoked.
Those 5 games include LSU, Utah, Wisconsin, Miss St. and
Boise State.

I believe that we will win over Utah in Provo this seasson, and
I believe that we will win over Boise State in Provo this season.
I think our best chance of the third win will be vs Miss St.
A Miracle win vs LSU or Wisconsin would put us ranked and
into a New Years Day Bowl game. I believe that both LSU and
Wisconsin will fininsh the season in the top 10. Go Cougars

I like your optimistic which I believe you are saying that we will go 12-1 regular season before to some bowl game. Even that I like to be 13-0 we should go to NY6 Bowl, BUT it is unlikely! I’ll say it again on early post, WE GOT SNUBBED back in 2001. If Luke Staley didn’t have a broken leg and if we had a win against Hawaii we still get no BCS. Go undefeated 2018 and get in NY6 = MAYBE! But, we will never play in the “NC” game which how it will be when we don’t play some 10 P5 games.
And your grade above is pretty accuate which they all got A’s (leaving out the +).
12 more days to go, Go Cougars!

Sorry, Ron, I love your optimism, but I believe David (DEW) is correct. I will not say that BYU will NEVER play in a NC game until they belong to a P5 conference or somehow find a way to schedule 10 P5 opponents. Public opinion would certainly make those who determine participants of that game very uncomfortable having their anti-BYU bias exposed. I could see a chance to play in the final four if BYU finished ranked in the top 5 two seasons in a row. I believe that getting that level of national attention consistently is the only way the cougars can accomplish what many fans dream of without P5 conference membership or affiliation.

According to the experts, we have a .01% chance of winning all of our games.

This team has the “feel” of a big time program with our exceptional coaching staff and talent at key positions. Injuries will determine where we finish.

.01% of winning them all is true. I should have not said 13-0 which I know no way will happen but who knows. It was hard enough in that 1984 and we came close 1996 if we played well against Washington.
Injuries will always be a worry but our depth is getting better. We still have a long way to go and another factor will go against us when comes to Honor Code.
11 more days to go. Go COUGARS!

It is difficult to assume that BYU will win all their games. QB position will struggle for the first few games until the RB and receivers get a feel for what they are doing. I think we are one year away from a one loss year. D LINE is a huge? And so are the receivers. Both Wisc and LSU could put a 14 pt loss on BYU. Utah can be beat, but Wittingham usually has teams that peak early and recede late in the season. So, I hope we can break the curse, but if we weren’t playing at home I think it would be a loss.

Dew and BYUcanpass,

You will notice that I only gave the + to four people holding multiple jobs. all the other, with much respect, I give the A
grade to without the plus. Note: there are no (-) and no grade below the “A” which I really feel that we have the best coaching staff since LE.

What I was trying to convey is that I think the coaches, the AD, the LDS news media is really expecting a 10-3 season, but hoping for more. I personally expect a 10-3 season but am really stoked with the possibilith of of 11-2 season with success over Utah, Boise State and Mississippi St., plus all the (give me games) that guarantee us a winning season and thus, because of the programing of 8 teams with an AVERAGE ranking of 100, a meaningless bowl game that was given by the programing and not be the game playing on the field. Too bad. We have been robbed of a meaningful winning season and a meaningful bowl game.

Finally, I do not disagree with dew or with BYUcanpass. I think we are saying the same thing, using perhaps, different Jargen.

I was at that game in Hawaii, when Luke Staley was playing with a fracture in foot or was it leg, and Branden Doman was playing with a seperated shoulder. It was announced to the crowd, by the BCS committee, that even if we win this game, which we did not, and even if we were ranked higher than the chosen team, we would not be invited to
the BCS game. (Bias, most blatenly)

I go to all P5 teams vs BYU regardless where they are being played.

I was at the game in Hawaill where, again we lost, but Ty Detmer was announced as the Heisman Trophy Winner for that season in 1991. I was at the National Championship game at the Holiday Bowl game in 1984.

I was at the MIracle Bowl, at the Holiday Bowl game, when we were 21 points behind SMU;, a power house at the time. When the team came running back on the field, after the half time break, the Bleacher fans sounded like the Tabernecle Choir that broke out singing Come, Come Ye Saints, Put your shoulder to the wheel, push along, push along. Let no work or labor fear, etc.and Jim MaCMann , being the good Catholic boy that he was/is, did put his shoulder to the wheel and from a deficit of 21 points at half time, we won that game.

The reason that I attend every P5 team that we play, is that I don’t want to be left out when we get that next big land mark game, and we won’t be getting it playing teams ranked in the 100’s.

I think that programing 6-8 teams ranked in the 100’s does more to keep us from reaching our goal, than they do in helping us to accomplish our goal.

Side note" A bit ambiguous , the user name, (BYUcanpass) Are you saying that Tanner Mangum can really pass and hit his mark, perhaps even better than our past QB’s or are you saying that you can pass on BYU football.

Luke Staley did not play in that Hawaii game. He broke his leg in the Miss St game and that was his final game in a Cougar uniform. Also the announcement that BYU would not be selected for a BCS game was well before the Hawaii game started, basically during the week leading up to the game.

Ron, the user name refers to the great quarterback tradition of BYU. We have had and continue to have excellent quarterbacks that can pass the football accurately and with perfect timing. Magnum is no exception, but needs another season to hone his skills. Detmer will make him great.

Couple of things I think will happen here one I think we will beat Wisconsin at home. And number two I don’t think Tanner mangum is a year away I think this is his one and only year he will be here at Byu