BYU winning the personal foul total again

It is something that I just don’t understand, how every game BYU plays they are immediately called for multiple fouls before their opponent is called for one. The quality of defense played by BYU opponents, their ability to defend without fouling, etc. is incredible. BYU had four or five before SCU got called for their first one. Now it is 8-5 so at least this game it is more balanced than other games… like USF, who shot 19 free throws before BYU got 1 free throw.

And BYU even has a 2 point lead!

3-6 free throws for SCU and 5-5 for BYU. Those two extra makes are the difference at halftime.

Spencer Johnson chokes away the win…

How about that full court pass? Why? Get the ball to Barcello or Lucas. Not Johnson.
Well, NIT here we come?

That was probably the worst minute of basketball BYU has ever played. The awful baseball pass out of bounds. Leaving a good Santa Clara shooter wide open for a 3. Terrible press break where we got bailed out on a strange play that got reviewed. Then Johnson misses a free throw and forgets the rule about leaving too early. Uh…most 12 yr olds know that rule. Note that if he didn’t do that, clock starts at 6.5, there is chaos, and it’s more of a desperation 25 ft shot rather than the easy 10 ft floater they made…That we by the way didn’t defend. Bad coaching and horrible execution by our team. Embarrassing.

Johnson hadn’t taken one free throw the whole game. The only thing he did was make a layup. He shouldn’t have touched the ball. It should have been Barcello, George or Traore who made their free throws earlier in the game. Barcello hadn’t taken a free throw but I trust him more than Johnson.

You’d think they would do something to slow down or stop the guy who dropped 26 on them but nope.

I wouldn’t say Johnson choked, FT’s are tough any time but with the game on the line, they are the toughest shot of all.

BYU lost this game by never doubling Williams and certainly letting him play one on one with a 5 inch advantage on Lucas on the last play. What ever happened to BBall 101, make someone else take the last shot.
I have to say that the coaches are GUILTY of losing this game. Williams and Vrankic are the only 2 players on SCU that had the green light and yet we were constantly either covering with the wrong personal or playing these two guys lackadaisically. I mean, isn’t that what Sendik did the entire night??? Double Barcello. And we can’t do it for one possession?

Really bad last minute. Why would you not put Lohner on him? Actually as Larimer said, Johnson not leave the line to soon and he wouldn’t have had a chance to make a runner in the lane. Did you see Johnson just hold the ball out in front to get it stolen. He does that sort of thing every game. Nice tip in.

I stopped listening to the rest of the game when AB got injured right about four minutes left in the game. We were leading four points at around one minute left. Johnson missed the free throw and broncos made a Tip in to win the game.

Yep it was a trap game. Is it tomorrow 2023 to jump in the big 12? I can’t stand WCC men’s basketball!!!

I don’t understand many coaching decisions made. Especially once we were up 4. They are going to foul. Get it in the hands of Barcello and Lucas. Johnson has to know the rule on free throws.
Just poor coaching in the end.

What injury?

I looked at the stats and noticed the turnovers. We had 18 to their’s 11. Can’t win on the road against a good team with that many turnovers. Still should of won. What happened to the coaching?

Am I missing something? AB injured?

Voice of the cougar Greg W. Said that BA got injured right about four minutes left in the game when I stop listening to the game. But I am glad he was not injured but too bad BYU lost the game oh well try again next time

It may be they got AB confused with…George tweeked his bum ankle when Lucas threw a stupid long distance bomb that sailed out of bounds on an inbounds pass, another TO, SCU inbounds makes a 3 to bring it on 1 point.

how to lose a game, let me count the ways.

Good night everybody, this game really hurts BYU in soooooo many ways.

I think I might make this comment at least once or twice a year but it bears reminding and stating it again.

BYU needs a full time sports psychologist to help some of these athletes learn how to overcome the lack of mental focus, confidence, etc. or whatever it is… to finish the game when it is in the bag. There were so many mental mistakes at the end and so unnecessary.

Making a free throw is not hard. It is only hard if a player makes it hard because they overthink or get nervous or whatever. That is mental.

Head cases… it happens every year.

You know I feel bad for Johnson-he has struggled the last half a dozen games and I wasn’t surprised he missed the ft. He shouldn’t have crossed the line, but I’m sure he knew he bricked it and was trying to get the rebound. Knell was pretty much absent too. I hesitate to say it, but they might need to get Erickson involved in this offense or Knight starts getting more of Johnson’s and Knells minutes. This is just a game that shouldn’t have ended in a loss. Hard on the players and the coaches, because they know they gave it away

Agreed. Erickson would not be the answer. Just has not been played enough. Knight has earned it from my perspective.
I am still very high on Johnson (remember, he pretty well won that SF game along with Lohner and his hustle rebound. As much as the SF road win propelled BYU into the 6-7 seed range, this loss @SCU knocks us back to 8-9 range.

The Johnson brothers Parents live a few miles from me and I’m always happy when either one does well. He makes key plays at times, but I don’t see a lot of confidence in his shot right now and has been hit by the turnover bug. I just feel right now Knight is getting better and you are probably right about Erickson, he just hasn’t logged enough time, but Stewart and Erickson are probably it next year unless they get transfers. Have you seen Trey in practices? What did you see?

Stewart has mad hops. He and Erickson will be solid in the futire.They probably drive the starters nuts in scrimmages.