BYU Women's Basketball Post Season Alternatives

So what is the story for the BYU Women’s Basketball team for Post Season activity? Do thwy have a chance to get into the NCAA tourney? Or is a WNIT bid possible? Any ideas?

Good question. I think they’ve had a good season and deserve to be in the tournament. But, do the experts even give a good look to teams outside of the top 10 in women’s basketball or do they just throw the names into a hat and pick a team that sounds good?

That said, ESPN currently has BYU as being left out, CBS has BYU as an 11th seed, The Next has BYU as a 10th seed, and has BYU as an 11th seed.

Could be NCAA or WNIT or nothing. That .6 seconds was sure pure lucky for WGU BB

11th seed, vs. Rutgers next Monday

Glad to see the women’s committee isn’t as bad as the men’s committee.

Pure stolen 0.6 seconds. It took her a full 2 seconds to get the shot off. The clock didn’t start for a full second or more and she took 2 steps, turned and shot. That’s not the rule for 0.6 seconds. Catch and shoot all in one continuous motion.

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Can’t see the replay but that’s what I thought what happened when the clock didn’t start on time and steph curry might be able to hit that shot but women college basketball? WCC Refs are a joke!