BYU Women's Basketball Victory zover USF

WoW, did Lexi Eaton Rydlich came on in the end of tonight’s USF basketball game.She scored something like eight points in a row, including that forty footer three pointer to clinch the game and the come from behind victory over USF. Go Lexi, Go lady Cougs. The BYU women ended the game with a 17 to 4 closeout over the Lady Dons. 13 wins in a row, they look like champions pulling out a game after being down by 13 points.

Too bad Lexi didn’t play as well against USF in the WCGUC championship. Of course with five BYU players against 8 for USF, it is pretty hard to succeed over the conference Commissioner and the refs.

WCC 2019 Women’s Tournament: I never thought I would root for Gonzaga. But when I saw the officiating and lack of calls against the bully’s Saint Mary’s, I turned to the Zags. When in regulation, a Gael obviously charged into a set Zag and St. Mary’s was given the bucket instead of a charging call I was POed. Then in overtime when that St. Mary’s player elbowed the Zag player and knocked her down to the floor and the Zag was hurt, with an ankle injury, an obvious flagellant foul and there was no call. Then the BYU TV “reneged” to show the reply, that was the most flagellant no call by BYUTV. I have been fed up with terrible camera coverage on BYU for several seasons, then this today was it.

LOLL! Look like you are the only one making comments on this side of the board “Women’s Basketball.” I’ll join you anyway.
Saw part of WBB of Zags vs smc but only about 2% of the time. Saw nothing what you were saying. Could it be Women’s WWE and make you wonder:

Watching WBB of BYU vs Pepperdine game and Pepperdine leading by 1 some 7 min. in 2nd qtr. Which is worse ladies refs or men’s ref?

Our BYU ladies came back from 13 points down and beat Pepperdine 67-63. In the second half Juddie put our dynamo Paisley Johnson on Pepperdine’s #1 WCC player Robinson Bacos and held her to I think 5 points in the 2nd half after Bacos got 18 pts. in the fiirst half. After giving up 18 offensive rebounds to Pepperdine in the 1st half, BYU tightened up in the second half and won it in the fourth quarter. Now BYU plays Gonzaga tomorrow. Juddie said on Cougar Sports Nation this morning that BYU had to beat Pepperdine for a chance to get into the WNCAA as an at large. Because BYU is the only WCC team to beat Zaga this year, and did it twice. Zaga’s other loss was at previously No. 1 Notre Dame in their non-conference schedule.

The refs in the BYU Women’s game vs. Pepperdine were I believe one woman and two guys.

I can dream thinking why not Dave Rose move to Women’s team and Jeff Judkins to men’s team. What do you think. But I rather see DR retire now and either get Mark Pope or maybe Quincy Lewis, what do you say might be better for men’s bb?

My first choice for the Men’s basketball team HC is Juddie. But again, that would be a loss for the Women’s BBall team. Pope or Lewis would be OK.

Or bring back Steve Cleveland which he is 67 and he can still coach.