BYU womens soccer

So here it is again…

you work your head off all season long, get some national respect by rising to a #4 ranking in the women’s soccer polls and you are rewarded by the ncaa with a 4 seed in your bracket. So while the majority of those who know the game think your team is worthy of a high ranking, the ncaa tournament peeps disagree and think you are only in the 13-16 range when it comes to rankings.

It is really amazing. I could see it if they were ranked 7th or 10th or 15th or something but how does number 4 in the nation get a 4 seed in the tournament?

I am little confused here about how they did the seeding. There are 64 teams playing in the tournament and only 16 teams are seeded. Four teams are seeded 1, 2, 3 & 4. Penn State was not seeded this year when we beat them (former NC). So I don’t know how this work.

Maybe #4 seed is where they put us that way there would be no Sunday game.

Jim H: Kind of like Ohio State football getting into the NCP even though they lost their Division in the Big 10 (14).
The bigs get the respect and all the money, whether they are good enough are not.

Jim: This stuff looks and sounds like the Democrats desire for a congressional investigation on the election because of alleged “Russian hacking.” BYU is rated number 4 in the national polls, but the NCAA doesn’t want BYU to succeed in their tournament.