BYU Women's Sotball Week of May 9 thru 14th

Way to go ladies, you won your WCC series again this week. Go for it, another Championship.

I have a question about softball and the team BYU is playing, intended to generate some discussion or thoughts.

BYU is playing Missouri and there is another controversy. The team was protesting against an investigation by the university into accusations of verbal abuse by the coach of the women’s softball team.

So my question has multiple possible responses. Why does Missouri seem to have so many minor problems that get blown out of proportion? and why do they often seem to coincide with athletic contests vs. BYU? My thought was that the problems with Missouri go way back to the checkered past the state has when it comes to the way they treated the early saints and the mormon church.

Do you think there is any connection or is it just coincidental and random?

I just realized this topic was questioned by “fish” but the topic was automatically closed by cougarfan. This is another one of the things I dislike about the new board… automatically closing topics and not being able to reply.

Must be the reincarnation of Gov. Boggs within this coach. I don’t know, what do we care. Since the riot of the death to this black kid from a white cop are still at it

Deer in the headlights again…

BYU on the national stage (ESPN2) in the softball playoffs with the #7 pitcher in strikeouts in the ncaa and letting it get away from them early in the game.

A grand slam in the bottom of the second inning and the score is 7-0.

Well, at least our players are better looking than theirs.