BYU's Bubble chances-Good

Bracketologists have BYU on the bubble but on the outside looking in…There is no doubt that a loss to anyone not named GU is death, that goes without saying but I don’t think BYU has to beat Gonzaga to get in either. BYU has SDU, the only bad loss in our season and one we should win by 20, then Portlandia, a danger game and ending with Gonzaga, a team no one gives us a chance to win (I’m excited to see how we play them now that Bartley and Sharp are helping our inside). That puts us at a 22-9. We then start the WCC tourny with two more wins and a loss to GU. 24-10. 24 and we are in, 23 and we are out.

Reasons why we make it and a 10 seed: Our RPI and SOS are pretty darn good. BYU has beat Stanford and a surging UMASS and will have beat SMC twice. The WCC needs 2 teams to make it into the Dance, so the whistles should not be too hateful. SMC has no chance so BYU gets the wink.

BYU has no bad blowout losses and two overtime losses against Dance team in SDSU and PURDUE.

BYU’s BPI or RPI is in the low 30’s so if they run up against some other bubble teams, BYU has the resume over every other bubble team.

BYU has had a ton of injuries to key guys and that also counts.

BYU is a great story with Haws, Mr. 20 and KC making history. This stuff is what legend is made of…think about KC doing it less then a year after major knee reconstruction, what an amazing story and if he gets another TDouble, they have to let him in.

I will be watching the Portlandia game very close to see if BYU can impose their will on the road or if this is all pipe dreams.

Well, the way they are playing now, I see this as a real possibility. I could see them 24-10, two weeks ago, I would have said no way, no how.

your last sentence says it all. I think the sweep by Pepperdine is a huge black mark that can’t be ignored. Losing at home was bad enough, but losing the game like they did away was terrible. They really have no signature wins, perhaps UMass, but Stanford is not that big of a deal.

We have seen the solid play before, but inside production of any kind is something that has been missing all season long. I am cautiously optimistic that they can keep it going…

Portland will probably make or break BYU. Defensive intensity will win that game or lack of will lose it. Officials will be key in that game. If they call a bunch or tickey-tack fouls on the inside, it might take away that intensity. Call it evenly and BYU wins. I really hate putting the onus on officials, but having a well- called game is key-we just don’t have any room to maneuver except with the Zags

Being third in the conference as of today, no stellar signature win, the Pepperdine losses, the inconsistent play, all makes me think BYU has to beat Gonzaga to get into the tournament (and obviously, no more losses to any other team). For a Gonzaga win to happen, the stars need to align with consistent officiating, lights out playing by all players, no injuries, no health issues. I am not as optimistic about chances being good. But it would be nice…

SDU took SMC to double overtime last night. I have said all along that SMC is not good this year but SDU is a dangerous team. They have beat BYU 3 out of 9 tries and I think it is because BYU just plain overlooks them.

Earlier this year BYU played the most uninspired game of the year at SDU but his is senior night and BYU is playing for everything at home.

Keep Johnny Dee to under 20 and BYU gets the blowout at the Marriott. BYU gets eighty and allows only 65 if that

BYU trending up. The committee looks at how you finish the season.

WCC commish wants BYU in…

also good stuff from Anson Winder at about the 20 minute mark.

Anyone see how Wiljar took over the Zags game last night. We will be the WCC MVP I think

Unbelievable game by Wiljar-I believe he is only a freshman??? With Sabonis and Wiljar they are going to be good for a while. Yeh Fish, I think he probably wins MVP

Wiltjer is a Junior transfer from Kentucky. He was a big name before the transfer but not big enough to start for Cheater. BYU will have no answer for him. Kaufusi would foul out faster then Worthlesston and Wiltjer would just shoot over anyone else. Bartley does come to mind but he is 6’3 and Wilt…6’10.

Sabonis is a 1st round draft pick if he chooses to enter the draft (Potential not current talent), then they have the 7’ Polack.

But the WCC MVPs in my mind are Wiltjar, Waldo, Haws and KC and maybe Dee.

Thanks for the info on Wiltjer-he just looks really young. They will need to find a replacement for Pangos, but they appear loaded for next year as I don’t see Sabonis going to the NBA this year but probably next year. I agree with your MVP picks, but narrowing it down I see Wiltjer or Haws. Guarding him will be a problem-probably Sharp-really tough to double him with all the other horses

They just signed a shooter from Kerns Utah (Gonzaga). This fits the pangos mold of great shooter and passer.

Of course if he pans out that is a great pick-up. Pangos continually amazes me with his control, ball-handling ability and ego-less play.

Don’t forget about his ability to pick up phantom foul calls that help change the momentum of a game like it did vs. SMC.

He is truly a jack of all trades.