BYU's new replacement for Burgess as per the SL Tribune

Three things to know about Louisville hoops assistant Kahil Fennell (

I like that he is black. We have needed this for quite some time .I don’t know his roots with BYU but he states that he focuses on building trust and relationships in recruiting.

"Fennell’s approach to recruiting is all about relationship-building. His philosophy is entrenched in trust, honesty and long-lasting partnerships, attributes that have underscored roster formation by a staff of like-minded Louisville coaches.

“I really try to harp on honesty and (openness) and having a real relationship. I don’t try to sell, I don’t try to tell you something that’s not true, I don’t try to create some scenario that exists at Louisville that’s not in reality,” Fennell said.

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These, of course, are strange times in the sport. Besides the pandemic, the new transfer rule has created a free-for-all with players exercising the opportunity to play elsewhere without sitting out a year. Fennell was asked in his press conference about whether there was a need to recruit existing Cards players to keep them from entering the transfer portal.

It all goes back to relationships, he said.

“If you’re approaching your own players in the way that we do, which as far as relationship-building and having something tangible and real off the floor, I don’t think it needs to be this fire drill at the end of the season where you’re recruiting your own guys. I think if you’re doing that, you might be doing things incorrectly, in my opinion,” Fennell said.

Like him as we head into the Big 12. he is not a lifer at BYU, more of a jumping point. 3 or 4 years and then another step up. Looks like a all around win for BYU

Was he officially hired yet? Because KSL news last night didn’t say anything neither DN.

He would be a good hired

From listening to Jake Hatch last night, it sounds like the SLTrib jumped the gun. According to what I heard, Fennell has not visited the BYU campus and hasn’t been offered the job. Hatch said the job offer could still happen, but it is at least two weeks away. Robby McCombs first mentioned Fennell’s name as a possibility a few days after Burgess departed.

It’s official now. Fennell was hired and announced today. Now, we need a couple of bigs!

Agreed. I don’t know where they’ll be coming from. Perhaps Efe Abogidi transfers to BYU if he isn’t drafted.

I have to admit — my interest in BYU sports is dwindling if we’re constantly just losing and getting other players via the transfer portal. If we don’t have guys who want to stay the whole time, my personal interest in the latest patchwork transfer portal team is diminishing. It seems like it’s worse in basketball than football, but the same holds true for football if that starts to gain momentum.

Kids want to play. Not ride the bench. The restrictions of losing a year of eligibility helped with keeping kids at their schools. But, guys like Barcello will make the change if necessary anyways. But now, players just go. I don’t like it either.

I think until either State legislatures or NCAA brass monkeys do something about the out of control Transfer portal and NIL, this is going to the future of college sports.

Agree and the future looks messy for college sports. It isn’t really about the competition anymore. It seems that WAY too many college athletes have the delusional belief that they have potential to play professionally and make millions of dollars. The shift in cultural priorities is ruining us from the inside out. What happened to finding something that helps a person be a productive member of society?

The irony of watching some of that NFL QB golf challenge the other day with Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes and Allen was interesting. Here you had a bunch of players who average 45-50 million in salary PLAYING golf and “earning” money for charity. Which charity you ask?


Really? We have so many people and families out there who are homeless, kids who go to bed hungry, people who can’t pay the rent and this is how we resolve it? What in the world has happened to this country? I can’t tell you how personally disappointing the current status of our society and culture is. I heard there were over 40 billionaires made in the past year in the FOOD industry alone! What? Food billionaires being made in a climate where people are hungry?

It’s mind boggling…

Do we know what these billionaires do for charities? Maybe more than we think. Hard to know. And I refuse to break the covet commandment and tell what others must do with their property. If anything, there is a general breakdown of morals and ethics do to the greater influence of atheists and their attack on religious morals.

It is clear the NIL is the way of the future. BYU stands to explode there with so many rich LDS business owners. We will see.