Can our players being any more dumb?

I mean seriously, what part of stupid does Chaz-Ah-You not understand? BYU does not allow players (even talented ones) to drink, let along Drink and Drive.

This is one reason I dislike “star” treatment in High school and Colleges. The players begin to believe they are above the law, they don’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else does.

Officiating games, it was one of the biggest headaches for my crew, players thinking they do not have to live by the rules, well until I dumped their sorry butts out of the game.,

Or does he have other issues in his personal life past and present to deal with? I agree some have that fame pride problem. But, do we know if that is the issue?

I am sure Utah would welcome him with open arms just like they did Francis Bernard. Of course this doesn’t really help a person grow and overcome personal weaknesses but it does mean they can continue to play football and not worry about their personal behavior in the process.

KVN and others have stayed to work out their issues instead of running to where they continue on their downward paths. Hopefully he will take the right path and stay.

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This is really stinks. He was a four-star player recruited by 30 schoojs and a return missionary wow. Do student athletes understand BYU honor code? Looks like another year without him we shall see. I guess that answers my question about bunco Mendenhall’s who doesn’t like high stars I guess that answers my question about bunco Mendenhall’s who doesn’t like high star playerplayers.

KVN issues were before he came to BYU, they happened in High School. Bronco made KVN wait a year before enrolling at BYU and KVN met certain requirements Bronco had set.

Ah You, Niel Pau, Francis Bernard were all RM’s who got a DUI and were all RM’s…

Did these young men not learn what the Word of Wisdom was on their missions? Incredible stupidity.,

They learned and they knew right from wrong. They chose the short-term pleasure motivation versus the long-term what is in their best interests motivation. Now they suffer and their teammates suffer. Maybe for some that was their way out of BYU. The coward way out rather than the straight forward and honest way out. To hell with their childhoods and parental relationships. They were stupid enough to drink and then very stupid to drive while under the influence (very selfish). That should be the basis for whatever punishment is meted out.

I would have to believe Ah-You also had issues in high school and before his mission. I think Sitaki is the right coach to help him along with his Bishop.

Again, I think you are missing something from their past. I remember working on the janitorial crew at the MTC 1977-1980. Missionaries would leave to their mission fields and we would have to go in and clean up their rooms and take trash to the trash bins. We threw out tape players, tapes and records of jimmy Hendrix and other hard rock music. And, we found cans of beer in the trash bins. There was alway a percentage of kids getting sent home for various issues they had prior to coming to the MTC. I don’t think much has changed with kids and their problems. In fact, I would think there is more kids have to deal with today.