Can you vote for Trump?

That is a tough question. The way I view him is as a secular authoritarian. Authoritarians believe that they know all the answers and they rule. I believe if he were voted in that he would probably do almost as much by presidential order as the idiot we have in there now. The pope made a comment about trump not being a Christian today. Trump claims the Bible is his second favorite book. I would be very suprised if he could quote a favorite scripture let along say what it means. He is kind of pro abortion. I wonder about the kinds of people he would appoint to the Supreme and Federal Courts systems. He is absolutely correct about shutting down the border. I wish he knew what I knew about who has come across that border. It aint just illegals. The illegals come across because they live in a country or countries that are third world. They have no hope for a future, no hope of improving their lot in life. So they see the grass is greener and here they come. Until those countries become industrialized nations it will never stop because they want a future. In a way I can’t blame them. What is so funny about this, is the Mexicans have become very anti Trump. He is the one guy on that stage who could help Mexico and a couple of others become industrialized nations. It just cracks me up, these people just don’t get it. The demos have promised them so much if they will be voters for them. This all destroys our country and the middle class. I wqonder what will happen when the blacks finally realize that Obama has given them up for illegals. He constantly uses them for his adjenda and they just worship him. They are still slaves and don’t know it. Let me ask you a question. What is the main responsibility of the President of the U.S. Most of you will say to protect the people and the country. That is correct. A little followup question for thought. What is the main responsibility of the Chief Executive. I just saw a lot of people with the deer in the headlights look. You say aren’t they the same, Ya, kinda, but not really, the main responsibility of the Chief Executive is to help the people to become. And that is what leadership is all about. That is a concept that Obama is completely and totally clueless about and Hillary and that other clown. Trump says a lot of things that people like but how would he go about it. If he signed one presidential order it would have to be this. To expire every presidential order in the last 100 years. That is just a number I picked. The president can’t make law and neither can a court. That is why we have three levels of government. Life long judge appointments need to end as do career politicians. The national debt has got to be a major priority. We need someone who can teach Putin how to lead his people. I think Trump could have some success there. These rogue states like Iran and N. Korea need to understand that if they attack our allies that by the next morning there will be nothing left of them. I am not talking nukes. There are some things I like about Trump but other things that scare me. Could you vote for him? Why?

I’d vote for him on the general election. Not in the primary. The Pope is a left wing goof in my opinion. If he doesn’t like the walls some of our politicians want to build them let’s see the hypocrite tear down the walls around the Vatican. Let’s see him bring in thousands of Muslims into the Vatican before demanding other countries do it.

I agree with you grasshopper, especially about the Pope and the wall. Bringing Dr. Carson is smart. The left wing pinko, did the Chicago thing tonight and perhaps some of the Republican establishment. I voted for Dr. Ben Carson in the Texas primary. I trust Ben, but I have lost faith in the Republican establishment. I campaigned for Romney in 2012 and watched that organization give in when he had a lead. I like Carli Forina too. But the GOP establishment and the left wingers are out to get Trump. Trump is not my man, but I see the dirty politics behind the Cruz and Rubio organizations. They are taking right wing and left wing funds and support to stop Trump. Romney is a hypocrite in the worst sense and so is the GOP establishment. The left wing is the left wing, they are socialists and communists that want to take over this country and are very close to doing it.

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If trump is the nominee, I will vote third party.

A vote for a third party is a vote for Hillary, more socialism and more race contention. Let’s see what else, oh…more attacks on religion and free speech. More terrorism around the world and at home. This, missionary efforts will be slowed down.
One positive note is you will assist in the second coming coming sooner :smile:

I would prefer Hillary to Trump and I hate Hillary.

If Trump were a conservative in any way shape or form, I would support him over Hillary. Unfortunately, he is in favor of abortion. He will breed race contention. He will use the power of the government to silence his opponents. He will attack any religion that he feels threatens him and he will attack free speech. He will also hurt our standing in the world, as a result, missionary efforts will be slowed down. He is the worse option.

4 more years of Hillary and there is no republic. Your freedoms will be gone and your children won’t have a chance. Trump, as bad as that might be, will be better than Hillary.

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Unfortunately, I think the argument is whether or not the big snake is worse than the little snake. Bottom line, they’re both snakes. I am more fearful of what Trump will do as president than I am about what Hillary will do. I can’t support either.

Are you serious? You do know Hillary is no Bill. Don’t you? What you get with Hillary is more Obama and worse with definite leftist judges on the SCOTUS. I’d take my chances with Trump and nominating Cruz and other more conservatives to the courts. And that is the biggest decision the next President will have that will impact everyone on a personal and constitutional way. With Hillary you will end up with 8 liberal leftist justices. Talk about wicked King Noah and his wicked justices!

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rc: So who in a third party will you vote for? Right now there is no such thing as a viable third party. People who vote “third party” or stay home will get Hillary or Bernie the commie elected for sure. This world is back to 1939. BO and company have put this world in a really bad situation.

rcblack: Your post reads like a description of Obama, Bernie, and Hillary.

SG: I agree with you that Hillary is the worst candidate and will stack the court to a permanent left wing position.

You can’t vote for hilary, she has blood on her hands from Bengazi and millions of abortions. She does not have a fiscally fit bone in her body. She is a liar and will lead this nation into depression.

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Ben Carson said that Trump is like two people. On the election stump he speaks to the education level of the audience. That is why so many people believe that he resonates with their feelings. AS a business man he is extremely detail oriented. He is very authoratative and secular but if he is surrounded with the right people it could work out. He is not my first pick either but if Hilary is chosen states will literally take the vote to succeed from the Union. ie Texas will be the first in about 2019.

I would never vote for Hillary. I also will never vote for Trump. I hope it will not come to that, however, if Trump is the nominee, I will vote third party. He is not a president that I can support. He is not conservative. He will destroy the country faster than Hillary. Either one will be horrible for this country. I also cannot support the socialist idiot running against Hillary.

Your 3rd party candidate cannot and will not win. What it will do is give the republicans one less vote and Hillary and the democratic communist party one more vote. Thanks for helping Hillary. I just don’t understand how people like you rationalize voting for 3rd party or not voting isn’t voting for Hillary. In 2012, 4 million irrational evangelists wouldn’t vote and we end up we 4 more years of dumbo Husain. Yet, they think their consciences are clear? LOL!!!
Trump will be far better than Hillary…

Jeffy: My state Texas was its own Republic and left Mexico and the USA in the past. If Hillary gets in as President why shouldn’t Texas secede? Any other states willing to following the Lone Star Republic?

I’ll move there :slight_smile:

My position is that either Hillary or Trump will destroy the country. I dislike both. There is no positive for Trump. He will destroy the country faster than Hillary. So, with that as my opinion, what would you have me do? I obviously can’t vote for Hillary. I also, in good conscience cannot vote for Trump. I hope that the nominee is not Trump, but if it is, I have to find someone that is an acceptable option to me. He is an evil man. I will never support him. She is an evil woman. I will never support her.