Changes Needed — A Letter To The BYU Coaching Staff By Justin Giles - October 14, 2019

A helluva good and insightful article by the Fan Insider. As plain as day to the author and many, many of us fans. Why not to the coaching staff? Pride? Or what?

Here’s the link:

They missed one important point, Kalani needs to “Fire” the DC. There is no excuse for his coaching down the defensive line.

This is a good summary of the issues. DC should have been fired when Detmer was shown the door.

The lack of discipline is shocking. More so given the average age of our team compared to other teams.

If the defensive front seven is not doing their jobs, then why are they still starting? I would bench the players to third string and tell them that they have to “earn” playing time.

I would do the same for the Offensive line as well.

Hold players and coaches accountable!

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I think that is why Bronco has been able to turn Va. around. Accountability (If you REALLY want to play FB here you will darn well demonstrate this desire on and off the field.

Excellent point! And, he has done that will good or average players.

Kalani may be a great guy, but his DC and defensive staff are a train wreck, and the offense isn’t far behind. We are now seeing the difference between a defensive genius like Bronco or Chris Peterson, and the amateur hour thing at BYU. This team is so boring that For the first time in years I haven’t even bothered watching some of the games. We are so far out of our depth. Reading a lot of “fire Kalani” stuff, but it’s Holmoe who got us into this mess. Scheduling Alabama? Haha insert laugh track here. Just what I want to see: a mid level G5 caliber BYU team losing even more games by 30–50 points.

I personally think Kalani is the right guy for the job as HC. The problem that I see is that his loyalty to his childhood friend is going to get him fired.

The main issue with the defense in my opinion is the front seven, more specifically the D-line. It there is no pressure on the line, then the DB’s and safeties are left hanging and as you can tell will loose the battle most of the time.

The DC coaches the D-line and in my opinion, is where the problem is… They are not being held accountable for their lack of progress and are not being coached well. Which spells “disaster” for BYU defense.

On the offensive side, I think for the most part they have improved this year as time goes on, the problem again is the O-line. Apparently 5-6 of the starting rotating players are hurt and banged up. Which really makes protection hard. Which leads me to my final point.

Tom Holmoe is insane for putting this many “Quality” (P-5 and Top tier mid majors) teams on the schedule. This year and next year is beyond brutal. There needs to be a balance. Because even in a P5 conference you have some ranked good teams, but you also have bad teams that seems to be cellar dwellers every year.

So my suggestions:

  1. Fire the DC and have Kalani finish the year out as DC/HC much like Bronco did. Kalani has established he is a very good DC (both at Utah and Oregon State (which defense improved while he was there)).
  2. Ask Steve Kaufusi to come back and coach the D-line this year.
  3. Hold the players accountable for thier stupid mistakes. If someone gets a Personal foul for a late hit, then bench the dude for the rest of the game. If they allow sacks, bench them… you get the idea.

I didn’t go research why Utah didn’t retain Kalani Sitake. Was Kalani was not what u fb progam expected? All I remember Kyle Whittingham wasn’t sure if Kalani will be at Utah after that last time when he was Defensive Staff there. Was Kalani childhood friend at the U too? And I agree that he should take over DC NOW and set aside his friend to do something else (HE WON’T LET HIM GO: PERIOD).

U Chis Hill (now retired) knew what he was doing choosing who stays or let go but Tom Holemoe is not like Dr. Hill.

I have been in the Mtns enjoying nature. Have not had to suffer through these last two train wrecks. I have nothing to do this weekend so I will watch BSU beat BYU on their home turf. SO SAD.

With no chance of a bowl game, I have anticipated the beginning of BBall and then the NCAA steps in and takes Childs out. Then the injuries hit…I guess I’ll get excited again in Dec, when we have a team.

BTW, Pope has some amazing workouts, I think he is a winner

they would not pay the assistant well, one of the reason Whitt was thinking of leaving at the time. Anderson when he took over the HC at OSU, offered Kalani more money and more freedom.

Like two a day training camps? Thought that was pretty good idea, well, unless you are one of the players :open_mouth:

I have not watched the last two games because I simply get too frustrated with the coaching inabilities, Kalani taking the blame for his coaches lack of adjustments and then on top of all that the defense looks like a Junior high team out there.

Do you really think we are deep enough to bench players for the entire game over a late hit when we aren’t being aggressive enough already? Again, have you ever coached anything besides T ball?

Grasshopper: “Do you really think we are deep enough to bench players for the entire game over a late hit when we aren’t being aggressive enough already? Again, have you ever coached anything besides T ball?”
Me: As for me, I never coached anything other thanZzzzzzs. However, I know enough that this team has some serious discipline problems. If they are not held accountable then the whole team goes off the track and crashes. Start holding them accountable and if needed bench them for an entire game. Continue to hold them responsible even if you have to ask for volunteers to play. The reason that BM turned things around at Va. is that he walked the talk in holding players accountable. I am talking about stupid offenses or repeat offenders.

Bench the coaching staff… I’ll be the HC. You be the DC. Ron can be the OC… :slight_smile:

If need be bench the coaches. No, I will be Holmoe’s boss.

Could they do any worse than the starters?

Yes! That’s a silly question.