Character is tested with adversities

So far, the interviews show the true greatness of BYU and the character of our players and coaches. There would be a victory with one or two less mistakes. But, we won 10 games when most said we would maybe win 7 games and many in here said we have a losing record. Great season!

Like you said, it doesn’t matter what people say, it matters what you do. BYU “did” what many of us thought they might do, give away a game they should have won. It is a dud of an ending to an otherwise decent year. Not a great season, but a decent one. I can’t say it was a great season… too many close wins, poor defensive efforts and honestly, BYU did not live up to their potential. They had much better talent than a result like this game shows.

Just got off work and didn’t see the game, but seeing that BYU lost is not a surprise. With their defense, opposing teams are always in the game. It’s too bad, but it is what it’s been all year. Something needs to change or the big 12 will be a disaster. ISU sally when the ailment is a consistent, you do something to fix it, but probably not in this case

Oh come now. The defense was decimated with injuries. There’s only so much you can do with average players and the coaches won with them. Kind of like what the basketball team is going through right now. Hopefully with the changes in how players can make money and be insured from injury that players like Allgeirs will return…there are several players who left aren’t on any NFL team. With even more great recruits, we will be deeper next year.

woulda coulda shoulda, wait till next year… :rofl: