Childs leads BYU to victory!

Childs was a beast tonight! Defense held SF under 30% shooting.

What more can you say about Childs? I saw his second shot from about 15ft which he missed and I thought, “Here we go again taking bad shots.” Then he started making those outside shots along with his normal dunks around the basket. What a night. I still don’t feel comfortable with Mika and Childs shooting those 10 to 15ft jumpers but they were dropping tonight.

We had our normal slow start tonight but so did USF. We left plenty of points on the floor tonight but it was a fun game and we move back into 3rd place. Congrats cougs.

Are BYU wins ever a team effort? The kind where everyone contributes, not just one or two players? Was this the same team that played Pepperdine on Thursday? the one that gave up 100 points?

Who really knows which team is going to show up on any given night?

Glad they won, sad they can’t seem to do it as a team.

It was Childs tonight apparently… how did Emery do? Did he keep his one game improvement streak going?

I bet they hit those 10-15 ft. jumpers in practice a lot. Good win in one of those small gyms we struggle with against a good improved team. Emery struggled again. And too many turnovers still.

I go down the stats and I see 4 in double figures. Mika didn’t have to do it all alone as the left him open more and the team got him the ball. Shooting % was good and defense held them to 28%. And at an away game. It’s possible to play a complete game away now.
Still too many turnovers and free throws have to improve again. This was a team victory and the players acted like it too. That’s all that matters.

From a post on cougarboard -

In his last 6 games Nick Emery has shot 15/47 from the floor = 32% and 5/25 from 3 = 25%. If you take away the Pepperdine game he has shot 7/35 from the floor = 20% and 2/19 from 3 = 10%. I really struggle to figure out what’s going on with Nick. Anecdotally, he is playing significantly worse overall this year compared to last year which is interesting because he was arguably the 2nd focus of a defense last year behind Collinsworth but may currently be only the 3rd or fourth focus this year behind Mika, Haws and possibly Childs. He continues, nearly every single game, to make the same mistakes ie poor shot selection (especially in transition), poor close out and lunging at pumpfaking 3 point shooters, and reaching on driving defenders, etc. What is going on with him? I would be okay with Beo taking a lot of Nicks minutes as it currently stands. I think Beo plays more under control and with a much higher basketball IQ and takes much higher % shots.

So grasshopper… are you still claiming that Emery is improving? You should probably retract that statement and admit you were wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Last game he did very well. So, it’s one out of two games :slight_smile:

There is something going on. I still think it’s just our poor defensive scheme. I think they are supposed to go deep into the lane and I don’t understand that with Childs and Mika there to defend the basket.

His shot often times he is not squared up. He’s obviously not comfortable with his shot. Why? Who knows. But, teams still double up on him often. They would not with Beo. Not an even trade.

On Emery? They double up on Emery? What games are you watching? Are you even sure you watch BYU play? You think the reason Emery is playing poorly is because of the defensive schemes?

I’ll tell you what I think. I think BYU’s offensive schemes are a problem. There is no flow to their offense. Everyone runs down the court and waits for Mika to post up, then they stand around the outside and wait to see what he is going to do. Invariably he looks to shoot and there is nobody to rebound. The middle is always clogged with Mika or Childs so dribble penetration is tough for the guards. Mika doesn’t pass that well so the spacing is bad as well and there is nobody to look to for passes. It is just a poorly contrived offense and defense. Why doesn’t Mika ever come up to the top and run a pick and roll? There is no movement on offense… ugghh, it’s frustrating to watch, even when they win!

Worst offense of a Dave Rose team. Ever. The defense is middling. 5 or six worse and 5 or 6 better.
The transition to an inside out game has gone far worse than the transition to an outside in game…no guaranteed three point threat is the bigger problem than the lack of movement in my opinion. the movement would be freed up considerably if there was somebody shooting threes the other teams need to be concerned about…

We agree on the offense and defense. You mentioned the high-low post option. The first couple of games this year they ran that. When Davis went down we went away from that because Childs was too raw to run it and we had turnovers off it. Seems like now they could go back to it. Maybe they will in the tournament.
Yes, teams play Emery tough because of his driving and potential shooting ability. He’s lost confidence but will get it back.

This kind of a win is what I had envisioned when we signed Childs and Mika coming off the mission. That BYU would lock down the middle, causing teams to have to make 3s to stay in games. USF is small and yet it does not shoot a high volume of 3s. Saturday they had to resort to 43 three point attempts missing 67% of them. In no way was BYU’s perimeter defense a factor, USF got open looks and just clanked them.

Emery was horrific. Bryant continues to turn the ball over while Haws is improving. Childs had a MVP night.

Some other notes: 1 point from the bench-you don’t win without a bench.

USF shot 21 more shots on the night but missed 6 more…41 Rebs to our 50 but USF got 15 offensive rebounds…weird stat.

Mika is the only WCC player averaging double doubles in the league…Childs is close.

BYU needs help to play GU in the finals of the WCC tourney as a 3 seed. BYU’s best win of the season according to Pomeroy.

= not improving.

Just in his shooting. He’s still improving. Put him at the point.

These are the kinds of comments that cause everyone to believe you have no idea what you are talking about. You can’t just make random comments and hope they stick. This just isn’t reflective of what is going on. Unless something changes drastically before the season ends he will be worse in every single statistical category compared to last year. How does that equal improvement?

Actually they missed 72% of their 3 point attempts. It was horrible shooting that lost the game, not “lock down” defense. BYU doesn’t play lock down defense…

You are using the Alinsky rules for radical method to isolate and pounce on even when you are not correct it completely correct. Step back, cool off, we are improving just not fast enough.
The main thing that will help is to advance the offense. Put more movement into it. More cuts with better screening. High-low offense too :nerd_face:

Defense has lots to do with poor shooting…