China's Li ask for release

Just came over Desnews…

Li was recuited by Quincy Lewis and now he no longer at the Y. Wish Li luck where ever he goes.

That’s not what Li said. He’s looking to be recruited again because he doesn’t know Pope. So, if Pope is interested he will have to go and recruit him like Lewis did.

Fine, for auto correcting me. Whatever

Found some interesting reading in the comments of this article.

Time for a discussion on who stays and who leaves Rose’s program for Pope’s. Li is not gone, he is just re-evaluating things. When are we going to see the staff? this is highly unusual that Pope is taking so long ( I tend to think that BYU is different from every other school in that they pick some of the coaches for a head coach and that can backfire big time)

From what I understand through the sports guys, is that the process for hiring assistants are pretty close to the way they hire HC… It has to go up the flag pole to BOT’s.

Not sure if that is accurate, but that is what they are saying at least.