Closed posts by who and why?

Why are some posts being closed from responses?

I was about to ask this same question. Especially since I started two of the closed threads. I don’t think they’re threatening or inflammatory. This board has a lot of potential, but it has to be more welcoming if it expects to grow.

I think if you post a new topic without chooosing a category (e.g. football, basketball, etc.) the system put the new post into the “uncategorized” category and is automatically closed after about an hour if you don’t choose a category. I don’t know why they are doing this. Just one more confusing aspect of this site.

Stupid is is stupid does.

What sense does that make Kay? No wonder this Board has very few participants. No Mo Jo here.

Agreed. Why even have a category for random uncategorized posts if it cannot be used? One more reason why I don’t post as much as I used to.

Kay, you’ve asked the question I was wondering and having the same reaction as I.

The Board will not change to accommodate customers/posters. To me it is not right to virtually delete posts after an hour. Stupid is is stupid does. I am talking to the robots who run this Board.

I agree Bruce. It makes no sense to me that you must fit into a specific category for the post to survive. They don’t do a very good job as to highlighting the ‘select the category’ spot to realize that it is easy to skip. Since that is the case, they should just allow uncategorized posts to survive.

Russ: This is a very unfriendly Board. It appears like Obama trying to explain his “strategy” against ISIS.

What potential is that?

How much can a guy say. I sent three ugly posts in the midst of the second quarter of the BYU-USU football game and to date (4:30 AM on Sun. Nov. 29th) the said posts have yet to appear on this miraculous Board. Yet I added a few posts this AM to posts already on this Board and got my final say on the BYU-USU football game and got a few words in about the last ten plus minutes of the BYU-Belmont basketball game to boot. I just can’t figure out this Board. The 30 minute rule of this new CougFan is exasperating and confusing.