Coach Kry is gone

So sad…I was hoping that we would still have another year of inept leadership up there…
ESPN says Mark Pope is one of the leading candidates…ouch…has it ever happened that Utah took a coach ?

Whit was an attempt at BYU taking theres. so tit for tat…but…

it will be nice when the Cougs beating of them means something for the national view instead of just who is the king of the roost in Utah.

If course they would say that about Pope. They want to disrupt BYU anyway they can because their announcers said BYU will lose in the 1st round.

Come on now stay focus about winning this weekend and don’t let the distraction to our cougar nation. And bye-bye Coach KRY.

Sad. The guy may have been inept and a jerk, but that’s no reason to lose a job, especially if the utes are losing.

Utah coach was a Jerry Sloan disciple. he is old school (work hard, team sport) which is not what players like now a days.

with so many talented players leaving over the last several years was the death nail for the coach.

tonight KSL sports news, funny nothing mentioned about Coach Mark Pope.

Two NBA coaches and several college coaches and one of them was from Loyola Chicago coach possible candidates.

Randy Bennett was mentioned

I heard from some U neighbors that Bozo the Clown was being interviewed.

I am sorry he is gone. BYU beat them 3 of the last 4 times and the one loss in SLC 2019 was a gift to the Utes since Yoeli Childs went down with severe leg cramps in his first game back after the bogus NCAA suspension. The officiating in that game was atrocious as well. It is the only time I remember Pope commenting negatively on the officiating since he has been at BYU. Right now BYU is clearly the better basketball program but if the U hires the right guy that could change in a few years.

Little K did pretty well until the last 3 seasons and then things started unravelling for him. They not only weren’t winning but they were losing players right and left.

The U should be able to get a top coach. They are in a power 5 conference and they have a great basketball tradition. They won an NCAA title in the 40s, two final 4s in the 60s, and a final four in the nineties. They have a number of elite 8 and sweet 16 appearances. It should be a job a top middle tier program coach would jump at.

Was that the one my dad told me about? They lost in the first round of the NIT, but an NCAA team died in a crash and Utah was the last second replacement. And they went on to win it all . . .

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Like Haro, I’m sad to see Crystalwack gone. He was our best supporter at BYU. He would get great recruits and they were transferred to us he was happy to lose to Byu it’ll be tough to find as good a couch as Cristo

Coach Craig Smith is probably an upgrade from Coach Kry, but still I expect him to lose regularly to Pope and the boys.

Smith against the P12 should be interesting though.

Smith will do great in the P12. he has won everywhere he has gone. A true class act. The opposite of Krystowhack, who would of been gone long ago had Utah not owed him 9 million.