Coach Mike Littlewood quits mid year

Interesting note in the paper yesterday:
BYU announces abrupt resignation of baseball coach Mike Littlewood - Deseret News

Wonder what is behind that?

Wonder if it like what happened to the BYU softball coach a decade ago or so. Mary Kay Amicone was the head Softball coach at the time. Building BYU team into a national prominence.

Her assistant coach and a few star players did like that she made the players responsible for the actions. they undermined her authority and eventually got her fired.

Mary Kay has coached SLCC and Weber State into national programs, winning National Championships for their respective divisions. She was also the first high school baseball coach that was a woman (Jordan High).

Sounds more like a family issue in Littlewood’s case. The team just swept a series in Santa Clara… Littlewood was looking forward to coaching in the Big 12. He’s had his ups and downs as a coach, mostly ups.

Never really know anymore… maybe I have been turned into a sketic, with all the premodonna players now a days.

Who knows. Could be health issues as well.

21st century Cancel Culture.