Coach Prime, colo vs. Oregon

The hype train ends this week.
Oregon is favored by -17.5 @ Oregon.

given that their start do everything guy, Hunter, is out for the next three games
Hunter’s injury sparks firestorm; hampers Buffs - Mile High Sports

Oregon 34-24 Colo

Concur I think a bigger blowout - 54 to 21. I don’t think CU defense can take it in Eugene.

Just had a chat with my law partner who is a Duck Alum, fan, and will be at the game. I’m pretty convinced the Buffs get a reality check on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong–I’m a big Deion fan and have been since his playing days. We need more good Christians like him (by all accounts he is a really solid and faithful man) running football programs who truly love and mentor their players. I also think it will be fun when we are in the same league. I just think the talent gap will be exposed this week and the Ducks win going away.

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Recruiting depth will be huge difference - just saying what you said another way.

Typical :rofl:Now back to Walker Texas Ranger

True Hopper back I see. Must be pretty bored today.

I just thought I’d point this out. I think Fish has been doing the same.

Colorado/Oregon should be a good game. Advantage Oregon being in Eugene, but Colorado will show up to play and kudos to the Buffs and Deion. Great story

Oregon 42, Colorado 6….
That should shut up Sanders for awhile…
Guess he is not the best college football coach as he proclaimed last week. LOL

He did? Funny that others praise Dion for his humility and his work with players. Also his Christian faith.

Sanders is flamboyant but openly Christian men are in too short supply. I have to applaud him for that.

The fact that Colorado was lucky to beat Colorado St. should have been a clue that they were in for a drubbing. Their win over TCU wasn’t that big a deal either. SInce it turns out TCU is not that good this year and Nebraska hasn’t been very good in years so their 3-0 record was deceptive. They met an elite team and got drilled.

CSU had the lead late in the game last week and had Colorado pinned deep in their own territory with under a minute to go and let Colorado complete a long pass play late to force overtime.

Oregon is really good in Eugene, but I expected more out of Colorado. Imo not even in the top 5 of the defunct PAC12