Coach Young has been hired! Now What?

Coach Young has been hired. What are the most important things for him to do first?

  1. Hire his assistants this week, right away
  2. Get in front of those who haven’t entered the portal first and secure them
  3. Get in front of those who have entered the portal and get them back to BYU
  4. ???

He is planning to stay with the Suns until they are eliminated in the playoffs.

According to the article, he will be working on retaining those in the portal.
Also start looking for someone who has college experience as an assistant coach.
Not sure about his plans are for future recruiting.

Interesting to note that 4 of UK’s top recruits have bailed on Pope and a couple bigs are in the portal. A 5 star recruit, Fland, just decommitted to UK. Has Pope made a bad decision? Young is going to be great for BYU.

Some players follow the coach. When Pope came to BYU he brought a couple of his players as well.

Did you see on ESPN Pope messed up and said how great the Cougars are instead of the Wildcats. :rofl: