Comments On Tonight's (Gonzaga) Game

Guys who showed up to play - Collinsworth, Halford and Kafusi

Guys who didn’t - Haws, Winder

Haws was a nightmare and tonight’s game showed once more that he struggles in a) big games and b) in crunch time. Stats: 3-11, 5 (virtually half of teams) turnovers, 1 offensive rebound, slow defense and worst of all, completely choked on the last two free throws. BYU’ leading scorer but as someone else mentioned, not even in the same ballpark as an Ainge or Fredette when it comes to big game play. If it weren’t for Worthington playing, he would have garnered worst player on the court tonight.

Collinsworth - what can you say about this guy. He is by far the team leader, not Haws. That guy comes to play.

Note of interest, if you have the game on tape, review the second half and check out how many points Gonzaga scored in the second half from a distance greater than 2-3 feet? I think it’s like two baskets. Winder, Haws, Fisher and the rest of the gang allowed the ball to get inside with ease all half long. Kafusi still allows his man to push him down but hustles to make up for it. Worthington has no ability to keep anyone out and doesn’t have the catchup speed of a Kafusi, so he get’s abused all the time. He plays defense 100% with his hands and arms and is horribly bad at it. A regular fouling machine and even with that, he doesn’t stop anyone. Think what this season could have been like with a Mika??

Great win and a toast to those who made it happen. Now if the other guys could step it up a bit, maybe the turnament could be interesting for BYU.

I’d like you to prove that Haws doesn’t make a difference at the end of most games. Many, many times this season, it was Haws free throw shooting at end of games that sealed the wins in closer games. And, some great individual plays like the fake wrap-a-around pass then shoot or pass. We would be a 50% team without Haws. He’s Mr. consistent every game except the last game.

Winder looked slow again like his knee was hurting him. He needs to be more consistent in the WCC tournament.