Connor Harding to UVU

Harding is signing with UVU. Why? I take it that he doesn’t want to work real hard. Pretty sad. What happened? Everyone thought he would dominate. But, his shot left him. Well, perhaps his wife will stay at BYU. But, who knows. I expect BYU will be better next year if Barcello comes back and Haarms wakes up and realize he needs another year of coaching from BYU’s staff and strength coaches.

Doesn’t want to work hard? He was a hustler, and a good defender.

He wants playing time, plain and simple.

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Has to be able to score on a BYU team. Most of the time he wasn’t even looking to score. Rarely squared to the basket in triple threat position. Just saying. If he does the same at UVU he won’t get playing time there either.

As I alluded to in another thread a few weeks ago, Harding’s decision to transfer to Utah Valley makes a lot of sense. It allows Paisley to stay at BYU while he’s nearby and his BYU experience was not such a negative that he felt he had to distance himself drastically. My initial post in a thread conjecturing about his next destination: I think it depends on where Harding transfers to and how much he wants to separate himself from BYU and the Utah Valley. My initial feeling is that he will transfer to UVU. If so, I believe Paisley will stay at BYU.

Given the level of competition between the men’s and women’s game in basketball, Paisley is more competitive than Connor Harding in my opinion.
I just hope that Paisley’s hand heals soon and for the better. In my opinion, if Paisley had not of fell and broke her hand the BYU women could have beaten Arizona and gone on to the Sweet Sixteen and then who knows how far they may have gone.

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Harding’s a good dude, team player etc… he just saw an emerging Lohner and George taking more of his time. I applaud his decision. Knell is also chewing up minutes.
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BYU can be even better this year if Barcello stays. I wish Haarms success in Europe. Pope is still in the PG race but even if he does not get a stud, Ericson should be able to improve where Averette left off.