Conspiracy theorists?

Just to make you feel better SG. I will correct my error what I posted yesterday about “BYU” (was: Monons).
dew: This wcc is becoming more like Church ball. Even if they do like “BYU” (was: Mormons) in their league but we are not allow to be on top. Even next year BYU will beef up more better players and possible adding Dave Rice might not matter. Wcc commish and refs don’t like seeing Gonzaga not being in the top standing for more than one day “no, one second” and it is not allow “BYU” (was: Mornons) being at the top, ever!

to SG: Better? :smiley:

We have heard this before but it is worth repeating.

You’re right and Scott is wrong.

There can be an open discussion about the issue regarding if and/or how it happens to BYU in the wcc… but we all know that Gonzaga has always been on the favorable side of officiating in the wcc, whether intentional (occasionally) or unintentional (the intimidation factor of Few and GU’s past success). It is common knowledge that Gonzaga is having one of their weaker years and I’m sure Few knows it. Losing Karnowski was a big deal for his team. The mild bias (translates to conspiracy) against BYU is a known fact. BYU beating Gonzaga this year doesn’t change that. Scott’s comprehension of how it works has never materialized so it is a moot point to try and help him comprehend… he isn’t capable of doing it.

The proof is in the fact that he can’t even admit it with the nba when everyone knows that showcasing the superstars is money to the nba… it’s a business and the more success they have the happeir their investors, owners and players are. If that means showcasing superstars, then everyone is on board. Everyone that is except delusional fans like Scott who think it is real and not influenced by anything.

BYU is a Mormon institution. So, it doesn’t matter which you use because we know what you mean. What sounds better, even how wrong it is, would be saying GU is the darling of the league and no one is going to topple them.
I find it amusing how intelligent people stoop to conspiracy theories rather than just admitting GU is a better team year in and year out. Look at their recruiting overseas and getting great foreign recruits. Look at their disciplined players and the same with the other WCC teams. And we can’t seem to do any of that. Why not be honest instead of name calling and conspiracy theories.?

all you guys are “barking up the wrong tree” when it comes to responding to SG. He is plenty a smart fellow but chooses to argue just to argue. Never mind that you write an observation and back it up with facts, he will insult you to the point that I quit responding with replies. I will respond now once in a while now when he posts something well thought out and intelligent but I will never ever respond to him or anyone that uses personal attacks in their posts.

But above all, never be insulted by his personal attacks. I enjoy reading all of your posts and hope that he does not drive you away from voicing your ideas.

I think the problem is not that “no one is going to topple them” but rather it is going to be extremely difficult because of their favored status in the league. It isn’t because they are a better team every year… because sometimes (ie. this year in particular) they are not. It is clear that over the next few years the recruits coming to BYU are of a higher caliber perhaps than those to GU but you will not acknowledge that. Chris is right, you simply want to argue for the sake of arguing. It doesn’t really matter if somebody makes a good argument or point, you will argue it nonetheless.

Even when it is plain and obvious on occasion you will not acknowledge it… always coming up with some inane, bogus reason for what everyone sees… it is always something that makes no sense as well.

But it’s okay to personally attack a basketball player in which it’s impossible to prove. Observation is not proof. Especially when you observe from a prejudice position. Oh, and you will respond to others who personally attack. LOL

I’m not going to agree with the conspiracy theories that have never been proven with actual fact. Someone tried to use the soccer league corruption as an example. With that, there was a paper trail. The WCC theory has nothing but pre-conditioned thought and conjecture. No proof. Why is that hard to understand? Why is it hard to not to fall into the gossip trap and call people selfish with just a personal observation? You have no idea why he kept trying to win a ball game and missing shots?

blah blah blah blah blah…

That is actually all I got from your post this time.

Keep arguing if you like, I am very close to hopping aboard Chris’ ship.