Coping with what it is "Football"

Here we are 1/4 of the way through the season and I think most of the fans and
players are wondering when and how is this team going to put up both and offense and defense to put us back into the games. I know we have played some very good teams and one rather weak team that the score went in our favor. We still have some tough games ahead.

Blue 64

We have no excuse for the poor performance vs FCS below #130 Portland State. Yes we won that game but looked like a high school team in doing so.

Yes, using the latest rankings, we have excuses for losing to #10 Wisconsin, #18 Utah, #28 LSU, but what the heck gives when we lose to #93 Utah State by 16 points? Hey does that mean that we will lose to # 91, higher up the ranking than Utah State, the HAWAIIAN WARRIORS?

Isn’t it given now, after losing to # 93 Utah State 24-40, that we will lose to #21 Miss. St. and #60 Boise State?

Guess what is left on our schedule?

#110 Fresno State, #116 E. Carolina, # 117 UNLV, #122 San Jose State, # 128 UMASS. If we win all of these games with no upsets, that will give us a 6-7 losing season with no bowl game. More importantly it will show the football world that BYU can not beat any team ranked above #110 our of 130 division 1 teams. Yes all 5 wins, if indeed, we do get 5 wins will be vs teams ranked in the bottom 15 teams. None above.

Bill Parcells: You are what your record says you are.

I don’t see any games left on our schedule that are gimmees, or cake walks. We could lose every one of them — even UMass, SJSU, and East Carolina.

MSU, BSU, and Hawaii are going to be ugly. I hope I’m wrong.

So, maybe we are not one of the top 100 teams this year.

Well, then there is no way to go but up :slight_smile:
Except for that spectacular touchdown catch, we know the problems exist with turnovers. Totalu rushed well but with those fumbles killed our opportunities. Penalties have hurt us all season too. It’s all about concentration in which we lack. Young players making mistakes. We don’t have young 4-5 stars so it takes longer to bring young players along with the concentration needed.
Koy was out of his league. They put in the 4th stringer and I wish they kept him in. See what he could do passing. Except for one pass Koy was terrible.
By the way, why wasn’t the USU player who speared Hoge kicked out? Crown of the helmet to the back of the head.

Because it is okay to do things like that when you play BYU. That has always been the case… officials always expect more out of the BYU players, including taking illegal hits and dealing with it. If it had been the other way around, the BYU player would have been ejected and gotten a stern talking to about it from the officials.

Watch the games more closely, the officials are always getting after the BYU players… every time they sneeze or look as if they are jawing with an opponent… every time. It’s as if they are saying “you are a religious school, turn the other cheek”.

Did you watch that one talk today morning session of that one wife always keep notes on her electric device saying negative things that her husband did? She was told to let it go and delete everything. It might be painful to push that delete. Just let it go in your head Jim. And yes I have seen many times our players got ejected and other teams didn’t (well few ejections). You do realized our players and coaches never protested at all and that is the way it is. And same for SG (Hopper), LET IT GO. And there will be more of those BYU players getting Ejections of those helmet to helmet hittings when playing against those P5 schools. We need to do better not doing that.

I don’t see it a problem to point out unfair play. Hoge was injured by a spearing attack and it should be pointed out. I’m sure The coaches will point this out to the league officials as it should be.
I agree with you that these are not reasons why we are losing. The officials didn’t throw 4 ugly passes that got picked off. And 3 fumbles that could have been prevented.

I’m patient but concerned.

It will take a while to recruit to and learn this system…but is this the right system or is it too complicated? Does it ask too much from players? Can we recruit enough talent consistently?

Our QB’s are injured…again.

We have played several good teams.

But last year we competed…this year everything is a struggle. It would be one thing if we lost but we played the right strategy. I’ll accept an intelligent loss if we gave ourselves the best chance to win against a better team…but it seems like we’re incompetent.

I can’t tell right now what ISN’T a problem because the problems are so widespread. There are specific players that give me confidence. Others are more questionable…but maybe they just need the right situation.

I don’t see what’s so difficult about this offense. It’s pretty much the same two or three plays each time.

The system Detmer wants to run is complicated and involves a lot of options and reads. The system they end up running is a dumbed down version of the real deal. If they can’t figure out how to run the full offense, should they switch?

Two things. The QB hasn’t figured things out and where to throw the ball and do it with accuracy. Tanner’s QB rating was 15 out of 100.
Tolatau only had 9 rushes and no passes thrown to him. Why?
Hill and Williams are in the NFL. We have to be patient but at least we can get the running game going.

Ula is the best thing we have on offense. He’s not 100% I think but he needs more carries spaced throughout the game. Too bad Hoge got hurt, he could compliment Ula as a QB, probably better than Mangum. I agree on patience.


You have just described the frustration, confusion, disappointment, bewilderment that most BYU fans feel through out the world.

We express our mind boggling confused thought process in many different ways putting many of the fan base at odds with each other.

We see vacant seats at home in the stadium that always use to be filled. We see TV ratings drop. Some of us see the sky falling and the coming end of the world.

I suggest that we hang tight. Don’t jump ship. Don’t throw the baby out with the wash.

It’s taking a long time, (too long), for our coaches to figure things out. Never since the middle 50’s have we been ranked so low in virtually all areas of the football game. We have had new coaches before. We have had injuries before, but this season seams to be worse than any other season since the middle 1950’s.

My guess is, things will get figured out by the end of this season. Changes in the way we use to do things that use to work, but no longer does work, will be changed. We will be back to as good as before, if not better, by game time next season. Our recruiting will be much better.

Once things get figured out, I believe that our patience will be worth the the time it took to let our coaching staff get those things figured out.

Once the coaches, the AD, and the Brethern do get things figured out, we will have the very best coaching staff that we can get, considering the money we pay, along with the Honor Code and other
restrictions, i.e. HC must be a member of the LDS Church in good standing.

Sorry, couldn’t resist . . . :slightly_smiling_face:

To be perfectly blunt, I would reefer you to Ula needing a joint action with the coaches to weed out any future instances of the pot calling the kettle black. Only then should he see the grass of the playing field again . . . :grin:


There should be some fan punctual punitive punishment for that post. :slight_smile:

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If I was a player on this years’ team I would be really tempted to try something that would help deal with the pain and anguish of this season.

This could be the worst team in the history of the school.

Hilarious Rubicon!


I have always taken the easy way out, which may not be the best way out for the long run, but it has always seemed to work at least for the short run.

I play the athletes strengths. I do not try to get him to learn a new system. Instead, I learn his system that he is extremely successful with and I play it.

Yes. I would take it a step further and ask what kind of players (and how many of each) can we consistently get from year to year in the system? TCU is a great example. They used to struggle recruiting (still do a little) so they figured out what kind of players they knew they could get consistently and built around that strategy so as to maintain institutional knowledge and system mastery. They knew they could get excellent safeties and LB’s, Slightly undersized DEs, At least one Freak QB and some speedy undersized WRs and RBs. So Gary ran a pecuiliar style of Air raid offense tailored towards His O line and of course his spectacular 4-2-5 schemes are some of my favorite defenses to watch. It’s not the strategy Saban would run at alabama, but its perfect for TCU year in and year out with few tweaks necessary. But he does tweak it slightly.

Point is, its possible.