Corbin to play football next year

He says he will play basketball too. But, he’s barely good enough to play basketball and he’s spreading his training and practice between both. He might as well give up basketball. He will probably get hurt in football anyways. Too tall.

I hope he comes in on defense to try to block field goals. Bronson was great at it but Corbin is taller and can jump higher so maybe he’ll be even better.

I think this is a case of a particular family having so much influence in the athletic department that they pretty much call the shots and do what they want to do. In the world the rest of us live in it would never happen. High school sports have become such a huge focus (to the detriment of academics) that in a lot of schools they force kids to focus on one or two sports. Many high school kids aren’t allowed to play both football and basketball because of the year round time commitment needed for one or the other.

I predict that he will become average in both sports. He’s a good kid, but other athletes will pass him up on the progress time line.

I agree that he will only be average. Too tall for football. Needs extra work for basketball. Too bad…

Yes, I agree too. If Corbin really dedicated himself to basketball, he could probably start next year but I don’t see that happening now. I can see Corbin playing on special teams on defense and coming off the bench in basketball. He never really seemed to have the basketball instincts to be a star player even though he is physically gifted enough to be darn good. He just lacks the basketball skill and instincts needed to excel and I doubt that will change drastically in the next two years, especially if he tries to play two sports.

I don’t know if you saw the sports nation interview of Ben Patch but it sort of underscored your point. It frustrates me when student athletes don’t appreciated the value of a good education. I don’t know if Ben Patch has a great financial future in volleyball but he didn’t strike me as someone who values his education opportunities at BYU. He was asked how many finals he had coming up in the next few days. He initially said three but then started to retract his answer and couldn’t definitely say how many finals he had. He was signed up for a religion class (mandatory), photography, and a humanities class as I recall. Maybe I have the wrong impression but it appears to me that his education is really an after thought. That could be something he will live to regret someday.

Yes, you are sort of on point with your assessment. It is a different world we live in… so many misplaced priorities.

The high school athletics thing is really the worst… like every kid thinks he has a shot at becoming a professional athlete and that is the ultimate accomplishment. If we tell them it would be better to do something else, then we are ruining their dreams… I say stop chasing dreams that don’t matter.

What about the dream of being a great husband or father? Those are way more important, not only in this life but in the eternities.

Some grow up faster than others. Ben went on a mission and that says great things about him I would think. Don’t you?
Why step on someone’s dreams? They will only resent you later on. There are lots of dream killers or toxic people who mean well but must be avoided. It’s better to support dreams if they are good which being a professional athlete isn’t the worst one could do. Better than a boring architect or engineer :wink:
I think we have many examples of student athletes who went on to be successful pro athletes, great parents and faithful members.

I’m shocked you didn’t understand my post…

Not really, that is how it usually goes. I write something that most of the readers here understand but for some reason you don’t.

Who is “Ben”? Who said anything about “stepping on someone’s dreams”? “dreamkillers and toxic people”? What are you talking about?

Good thing I’m not an architect or an engineer… but maybe it would be better if I was.

Ben Patch…and I understood. And I responded :slight_smile:

Maybe I was being a little judgmental of Ben. I just got the impression that school wasn’t much of a priority. I’m not saying Ben Patch shouldn’t chase his dream of volleyball. All of our student athletes are very gifted athletically and this opportunity to perform at the D-I level is something they can look back on with pride and great memories. I like what Steve Young said at a BYU event a few years back. He said “I wanted to show that I could be good at two things in my life.” He reached the pinnacle of success in his athletic career and in the meantime got his law degree at BYU. He now uses his skills as a lawyer in the venture capital firm in which he is a partner. He set a pretty high bar for anyone to try to reach but my point is that athletes don’t spend 24/7 getting better at their sport. They have time to get a great education while pursuing their athletics. Taysom Hill is another great example of that. Ben Patch has the chance to challenge himself academically and get a great education that will benefit him the rest of his life. Yes, photography could be a career for Ben so I shouldn’t judge but I think you get my point.

Good points Scott. We are at a cross roads with our young single adults right now, they are really struggling with answers on a lot of levels about life and about the gospel. They don’t seem to have a lot of answers for them personally. The church just had a world wide single adult conference about the restoration this past weekend. The focus was along the lines of getting those personal answers and becoming well rounded and grounded in sound principles. It is almost like they are afraid to move forward in life. Many are struggling with their education, with jobs and basic life’s decissions. They spend way to much time playing video games, retreating away from how great life can be.

It is very interesting how different students choose their accademic pathways. Some choose paths which challenge themselves every step climbing that mountain of life and others chose paths to walk the valleys. I was also a little dissappointed in Bens interview. Mitch Mathews seems to have also taken the easy path, but it is their decissions. When you get a little older you look back at those education and career decissions and often ask a lot of questions of yourself.

Well, speaking about school studies. Before questioning their “easy way” take the more out of your own eye as Floyd often attacks me for :smile:
You spelled “decisions” wrong twice and “academic” wrong too. Back to school Jeff and take the hard way this time :wink:

Kind of ironic, you calling out someone for bad grammar and spelling… :unamused:

I know, huh. I’ve gotten so much better since I’ve been on CougarFan.