Correction.....BYU will not be ranked at any point this season

This week the every team from 20-25 lost in the rankings. BYU had been sitting out around #40-44 depending on which ranking you looked at. We just went on the road a made two WCC teams look like High School teams while everyone else in conference is just struggling to get by. BYU is ranked as of today somewhere around #30 no matter what ranking service you look at.

OH, and just in case you are thinking that the WCC is a poor conference…they are now ranked #9, ahead of the MWC (you can thank BYU for that). The WCC with Gonzaga, BYU and SMC is far better than the MWC with SDSU, an extremely over ranked CSU, and BSU

With two @ home games this week and rankings yet to come out today, I would be surprised to see BYU not ranked by next week.

Don’t look now but BYU is being helped in a big way by Stanford’s last two wins against ranked Texas and Washington. Even lil ol Hawaii is helping our bottom line. SMC is also showing up as a playoff team so there is plenty a opportunity for BYU to get or lose seeding.

BYU will be ranked by the SMC game.

I hope you’re right. I just think getting on the map of college basketball is equally important and difficult for BYU at this point. Once in the top 25, we can start jumping the teams that lose, yet I just have a hard time believing even the experts watching or even noting the WCC games against the tremendously lesser opponents.

So much for that??

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I know, right. Woulda coulda shoulda. It is like investing in a “hot” stock only to see it tank the next day.

surprise surprise… are you surprised yet?

BYU will not be ranked this week.

This was supposed to be a really good team.