Costal Carolina

It was announced today the BYU will be playing Costal Carolina at 3:30 Saturday, televised Ed on ESPNU

That will be a challenge. They are undefeated ranked and good. The game is on the road on the east coast. BYU better bring their A game or the NY6 dream could be over. As it is if they win it may not help them that much unless they win convincingly.

It will help as it’s another ranked team on their resume

If a win puts BYU in the top 12, and if they stay there, it will help and then they would get a NY6 game. The game makes me a bit nervous because it’s on the east coast and I suspect they will be as pumped up as BYU is. There is one common opponent and that was Texas St. and the margin of victory was very similar.

I like their aggression-win and you are again verified-lose and it’s a minor bowl and deservedly so

Agreed, no way to know if they will get in a NY6 unless they schedule and beat the best team available. Good move by Holmoe.