Costs of coaches changes

Everyone is excited to get Jay Hill as the new DC, but it comes with a cost.

3 BYU football defenders announce intentions to transfer - Deseret News

Several players have entered the portal, I assuming because Hill is bringing in new talent through the portal. UDO was one of the good DB’s, even though they hung him out to dry on multiple occasions last year.

The one “transfer” that I will be watching is Conover, ARod has openly said he was not good enough to start last year when Hall was hurt. If Conover does well at the Arizona school, I think that will be a big tell on just good or bad ARod is as a OC.

Never been a fan of ARod, he got literally fired by his good friend KWhitt because he did not know how to call the right plays at the right time.

Time will tell, if my assumptions are correct or now.

That will be an interesting watch this year.

Maybe they are fed up with the wokeness going on at BYU. :disguised_face:

Dean Jones is one of the three in the article. While he hasn’t played much, he’s the one I’ve mentioned previously who says he was blacklisted by Tuiaki and his staff for insisting on press coverage. He’s very fast, and kept refusing orders to play far back and concede underneath 5-8 yard receptions (according to him, he was told to “trust the system”). His mother is one of our guidance counselors at our school, and his brother (on a mission), is considering other options (he was a defensive end at ALA -Queen Creek under Detmer).

She and I talk BYU football frequently. While some may say that Hill is here now, so they should stay, sometimes the damage is done mentally and people want a clean start.

It is the signs of the times with kids these days. Participation trophies and trying to make everyone a winner and happy with things that don’t last have made people soft. They seek after money with disregard of how their behaviors affect others. That’s not to say there are times to make changes. But, we know and see in all sports. We try to let people take advantage of their trans identities to the detriment to women’s sports and in the business world to appear “tolerant.” Jones may be one who has to make a change. But, if the problem was Tuiaki, then this is a mistake.