Cougars vs. Cowboys is putting me to sleep

Is anybody playing well in this game so far? Mangum has a pick, Williams has a fumble… lots of dropped passes and sloppy play. Obviously the rain is affecting the play but this is a little ridiculous.

Williams 121 yards.

Williams over 200 now, but they look like they are trying to give the game to Wyoming now. Just need to hold on a few more minutes.

Just when I thought the game was over…

Not sure what our defense is doing right now. So many mistakes on so many levels. Not a great situation to be in… allowing Wyoming to get back into the game when they had them dead to rights.

Bone head penalty. Instead the ball on the 34, they are on the 16.

The game is 60 minutes long and you have to play the whole time…

Why does BYU look like they are giving up?

Wyoming has the ball at midfield with 1:45 left to go.

This game was 24-7 early in the 4th quarter. Unbelieveable. Well, never mind. INT, game over.

Nacua saves the day!

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I told you this would be close. If not for the gimmee turnover we’d have lost. All the whining about how we deserved a better opponent never made any sense to me.

Turnovers are part of the game. It’s like saying if the obvious face mask penalty would have been called-this game wouldn’t have been close. Nobody disrespected Wyoming-it was more the MWC that we supposedly grew out of that people were jacked about. And BYU dominated for 3+ quarters and you can credit Wyoming for not quitting. Plus Mangum did not make good decisions or play particularly well for all of you who wanted Hill replaced

There wasn’t a lot of whining and I’m not sure I would characterize the turnover as a gimmee. A turnover is a turnover… Jamal’s fumble was kind of like that because he just doesn’t fumble. BYU also had a “lucky” touchdown with the pass that bounced around, it’s just the way the game is played. Wyoming is a solid team headed in the right direction with a good coach. I hope they continue to get better because it gives people in Laramie and the rest of the state something to occupy the endless hours they have stuck indoors because of the terrible weather… :stuck_out_tongue:


Not me-if I move I’m going where the birds go. Wyoming reflects their coach -tough-don’t quit

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Ya, I wasn’t impressed with Tanner at all. Lousy passing. Bad decisions and little ability to run.
On the other hand, Detmer’s play calling in the 4th wasn’t very good either. I hope he goes to several coaching clinics during the offseason.
Williams should be given an opportunity in the NFL.

This is what Williams does when he’s healthy. He is a class act too. Hope he can stay healthy in the NFL. Reminds me of Doug Martin a little except faster