Court stays NCAA Transfer rules

Marcus Adams will be allowed to play immediately based on a court ruling earlier today. How many times does the corrupt NCAA have to lose in court before admitting its hypocrisy? If this ruling stands, which it likely will, all the NCAA will have accomplished with Marcus is to punish both him and BYU for no reason at all other than to inflict pain. A truly awful organization.


Agreed. I hope he gets in the game for at least a few minutes tonight and hopefully more as the month progresses. Any news on the injury he’s been dealing with?


Why for just 2 weeks? The courts are awful as well.

Straight from my friend in the program, “he’s not in basketball shape right now.” He had a high ankle sprain preseason and those can take a minute to heal.

The court “stayed” the NCAA restriction on transfers, meaning the NCAA can’t enforce it for at least two weeks until the court hears the arguments to make a permanent ruling.

I’m sure the sprain is fine. It’s been a long enough time. If he’s ready play him Saturday. I wasn’t happy winning by only 16.

The game wasn’t at all close. Denver took about 10 points off the margin in the last few minutes against
the bench. BYU led by 20 at half and the margin never got below 20 until there was less than a minute to play.

Denver played 13th ranked Colorado State a lot closer in a game at CSU. CSU won by 10 but the game was within 10 the entire game until late in the game.

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Hopper why is it you always take the opposite argument? Why not go with the flow and agree with people?
I would never conjecture that the high ankle sprain is fine, unless I actually knew that he had healed. Anyone who’s played sports know that these kind of things like ankle sprains, and in the case of Foos, Hamstring tears, those things can aggravate you for years as in the case of Foos.

The thing I worry about here is how Adams can transition into the team because somebody’s gonna lose their minutes and Byu chemistry is really really good. I wouldn’t want to screw it up.

My hope is Adam is long enough to replace a tiki that would be a great addition. Tiki is just a second flagrant foul just waiting to happen.

Remember, Hopper, go with the flow agree with once in a while, and they will agree with you


Go with the flow? Uhhh…no. I’ll go with what’s right. Even if I have to flush it out of everyone. Go with the flow. I hear Adam’s is fine. It’s been 3 months. What’s his face from Clemson, Lawrence, had a high ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago and is planning on playing this weekend. Babies. :grin:

Hey everyone, go with the flow! High inflation, high interest rates, high gas prices and wars and more wars. But, vote Joe Biden and go with the flow….uh, no. What do you guys have with presenting opposing ideas? I’ve had my knees go out about 8 times with 3 surgeries. I know what has to be done. Not everyone is like a Kobe Bryant.

I hope BYU doesn’t rush Adams. They shouldn’t need him the rest of the pre conference games. Hopefully he will be ready when conference play starts.

I also hope the judge’s decision is upheld. It was a silly arbitrary rule given how loose the other transfer rules are.

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… he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.

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I say that means to harken to “wise”
Council. But, even with that, the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 Apostles allow for opposing or different thoughts. They discuss it and respond without contentious name calling and without humility.

My buddy in the program told me last night that Marcus isn’t quite in basketball shape yet after working himself back from his ankle injury. So I doubt we see him Saturday. The goal is to get him on the court at least once during the two week court ordered stay prohibiting the NCAA from enforcing transfer rules. So that is from a very very high person in the athletic department who talks to Marcus literally every day.

Without a hearing, the US District Court judge issued the stay with comments basically saying the NCAA rules are full of crap and thus the stay (temporary prohibition) on enforcement. When the actual hearing happens in two weeks, the Court could issue a restraining order against the NCAA, or even a more permanent order declaring the transfer rules invalid due to antitrust violations. The NCAA has ALWAYS used its power to laugh in the face of the public and the law–thus its attorney fee budget of probably somewhere around $100m/year (they spent $55m on outside counsel in alone in 2019–that figure didn’t even include the ARMY of lawyers employed by the NCAA). Is there a single organization in the USA more widely viewed as corrupt and hypocritical than the NCAA? It will be funny if this judge strikes the NCAA transfer rules, because the NCAA will likely then appeal the ruling and talk about fairness in recruiting and “student-athletes” etc. That will be rich.

These losers should start by giving Reggie Bush his Heisman back.

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According to somebody who talks to Marcus every day: “Basketball shape” means 1) the ankle is healed, 2) he has spent enough practice time working HARD without setbacks, with emphasis on #2, and 3) Pope isn’t gonna risk pushing Marcus too hard in these next few practice scrimmages at the risk of another setback that would keep him out of B12 play.

I’m super excited to see Marcus at full strength. BYU has never in my lifetime had a bunch of hyper athletic, long wings where all 5 guys can switch on every pick and not lose a beat. I didn’t watch the Utah game, and my buddy told me our D was a DISASTER in the first half but that we got it worked out in the second half. He made me laugh when he told me during the game thought that maybe we were playing the Harlem Globetrotters since they were scoring on dunks and layups seemingly every possession. Anyway, that half aside, our D has been great all year, and adding another hyper athletic 6’8" guy to the mix will only make it better.

Just watched BYUSN and they said their source says he’s playing in practice above the rim. I say he plays Saturday. Pope said they didn’t feel comfortable playing him last night because they want to make sure all the “Ts” were crossed and “Is” dotted that playing him would not jeopardize the team by the ruthless NCAA. It was explained that the NCAA could not come back at BYU if Marcus plays while the ruling allows him to.

Looks like the crooked NCAA has gone back on their decision to not take away a year of eligibility if the court rules in favor of the NCAA. UNLV played one affected by this and may now lose eligibility.
I think this makes it more likely the court will not rule for the NCAA.

The article that says Adam’s might lose eligibility if the stay isn’t upheld doesn’t mention Adams but gives a list of players around the country. So, I don’t see this as an NCAA against BYU and/or the Church. It’s more like it’s okay to transfer. But, you can’t just jump around if the grass isn’t greener when you get there. The team you chose has rights to expect you to stay and play. A team may have decided to not go after another player because they chose to play there.

FWIW I never suggested or implied that this had anything to do with the church. I said that my opinion was that the NCAA would not make BYU look good at the cost of making Bill Self and Kansas look bad–because the only way to approve the waiver under the (now stayed) rules would be to rule that the signing with Kansas didn’t count. Additionally I said that the NCAA “wins” the longer the decision is tabled under a pile on someone’s desk is because every day of delay harmed BYU and harmed Marcus, and the NCAA is in the harm business, especially when one challenges its authority or power. IMHO the NCAA is too financially corrupt to bother discriminating based on religion. It’s purely money and power for them.

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I don’t disagree with the corruption of the NCAA. I’m just saying there’s a bunch of players in the exact same boat. The articles about this say nothing about Marcus. So, I don’t see why it’s because they don’t like BYU.

Looks like Adams is eligible for the for the rest of the year.

Utah’s Deivon Smith, BYU’s Marcus Adams Jr. can play remainder of year - Deseret News

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