Creighton it is

They crushed Wagner, after they crushed Alabama.

So beat an ACC team then a chance to beat a Big East team.

Should be fun.
Looks like they’ve lost one of their starters…so they will be extra motivated.

Bad news, ksl said that KC came down with a flu this morning. Hope he gets well before game time. Wow, talk about bad timing.

Monday morning he got it

Creighton finished 9-9 in their league. They are 20-14 overall. They have one legit big man who cannot dominate even though he is a 7’ senior. Their guards are small. They don’t shoot foul shots much better than we do. They have no guards big enough to keep KC from the rim. They have more warts than I can mention in one post. We play at home. If we play anywhere near our potential we beat them by double digits.

dew: There is always something to look for to show the weaknesses of BYU teams when it comes to tough competition.But I see us beating Creighton on our home court.

I thought it would be another tough game like WV. Creighton has won 2 games by blowouts and seems to be coming in very confident. Their conference, corrupt or not, has done pretty well post season too so they are really looking up.

Then KC down with the flue…even if he’s back he won’t be back all the way…It will be good to see what the team looks like next year, but I’d prefer to see that next year instead of today…