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Thought I would open the topic on not just where Byu sets but it’s opponents. So St. Mary’s took down Utah State yesterday, a common opponent to Byu. St. Mary’s is always tough in Moraga California. First loss of the year for Utah State.
I watched Utah State earlier last week and thought they were a little overrated sitting at 15. Merrill does not look as explosive this year as he hasn’t passed and I have not Seen Quito play yet, he dislocated his knee back in July playing against a Russian team

Well, we aren’t exactly putting Montana Tech away right now. Need to play one game at a time and MT is scoring way too much. Not very hard working defense from BYU.

Look like Ford from smc put in 27 pts against the Aggies. Is he that good? Amazing, they only play 5 road game and 10 home games. If BYU can beat smc and be 2nd place we would have a better resume than smc for the ncaa. 1st place for wcc would be better.

Ford was last night. He looked all world. He’s quick and doesn’t play out of control.

I watched today’s game off and on while switching back and forth between the BYU basketball game and college football. It didn’t look like BYU was very focused. There were too many turnovers and they gave up too many open 3s. I would imagine it is difficult to play an inferior opponent right after 3 bigtime games and right before a rivalry game. I suspect Wednesday Utah will have their full attention and hopefully BYU will play their best game. Utah is very young but has a lot of talent and the game is at Utah where BYU hasn’t won in awhile.

Looks like Seljaas is getting hot at the right time.

As Bill Walton said during the Maui tournament, “Offense wins the games.” We shot 68.6% and 96 points. Yes, the defense wasn’t as solid as it was in Maui but they were gassed and the offense was doing well. Hopefully BYU is ready for Utard.

I’m thinking BYU will beat the Gaels at home and Gonzaga will sweep the Gaels. Gonzaga laid an egg against Michigan, so I wouldn’t have given anyone in the WCC a chance against the Zags but their guards have sustained some injuries so maybe BYU … could upset them in Provo

Queta for USU played in his first game last night…not good for BYU. The 7 footer is a NBA talent. I was hoping we would not see him until later when MWC action started.

It’s going to be a tough year to predict. Fresno State 2-6 takes USU into overtime before losing. I feel confident BYU will take care of business at home and play tough on the road. Right now Dayton is putting a hurting on SMC on the road, I assume SMC is beatable both times we play them. That is one thing that impresses me about Pope-he has his team ready to play every game! Win or lose there has always been the effort and I can live with the losses if the effort is there

The game was played at the Talking Sticks resort in Phoenix. SMC had a total of 25 rebounds for the game and 6 assists with Fitts fouling out. Ford leads the WCC in scoring only got 11 points as Dayton shut him down. That will not win many games.

I won’t mark BYU a win at Moraga, not with Bennett as the coach. But we do match up better this year with Barcello and Childs to cover Ford and Fitts.

Thanks-I saw that it was a neutral site later. Dayton is pretty good and SMC played better in the 2nd half