Dance Watch, What will BYU be seeded in March?

BYU’s offensive scoring ability ranks in the top 8 nationally. Our defense ranks top 25 (that is a discussion for another day).

There are only 4 games BYU has not broken 100 ADJOE or adjusted offensive efficiency.

1 Going forward, UCF comes to Provo, most likely without Diallo, BYU has it’s way-win

2 @ Osu, BYU has got to get this road game, a MUST. BYU win

3 Baylor, Time to return the favor. BYU win

4 @K ST, BYU favored. BYU Win ( of all the games I see, this is a trap game) BYU ?

5 @ Kansas, too bad we don’t get them at home, Kansas has been beatable on the road. Loss

6 TCU in Provo, 1st time we play this season. BYU win.

7 @ISU, BYU loss

8 OSU, Provo, BYU win

BYU goes 10-8 in conference. Pretty much everyone else has 5 to 9 losses in the upper echelon of the Big 12. Puts BYU in the 4th place and a 4 or 5 seed dancing

Well I hope you’re right.

I throw this things up there more so to go back after the season to see how far off or on my predictions were. I too am worried about the BYU tendency to lose leads

just off the top of my head 10-8 doesn’t look safe for a top 4 seed…and if it is a tie BYU has losses against the most likely teams it is tying with so drops from the 4 seed.

On the other hand. if your prognosis proves out,
(UCF:win, OSU:win, KSU:win, Kansas:loss, TCU:win, ISU:loss, OSU:win), then I think BYU gets a 4 seed because of the tie for third.

BYU has to beat you prediction to be comfortably with a top four seed…maybe if the teams health improves, and especially if Adams makes a positive difference, they could beat your forecast.

But…my forecast would be less sanguine…BYU has to play at least three games in the conference tournament…on a neutral court I could see BYU going 2-1…though more likely 1-1.

Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings, Weekly Schedule & Standings (

If you look at the up coming games. Just TTU alone, Kansas comes into Lubbock, granted underhanded with McCuller Jr. ailing, anything could happen but I think Kansas prevails, then Sat, TTU heads to ISU and that will be a loss. BYU has UCF at home then travels to bottom dweller, OSU. BYU should jump past both TTU and OU

After further review, I think I was overly optomistic in a 4th Seed prediction. BYU would be anywhere from a 4th seed to a 6 seed.
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BYU is most likely safe from the 1st round (pars #11-14 seeds)

#1-4 seeds get byes in the 1st and second rounds. I would put Houston, Kansas, ISU and Baylor in there for now.

We will have a clearer picture after a week to which I have BYU moving up into the upper Big 12 from the middle. Strap in, going to be a ride

According to the local sports guys, BYU is currently set a #5 seed if the “Dance” started today.

I know I am trying to project BYU into the future but the parity in this conference makes it impossible!

So for the sake of argument, I will address BYU’s strengths and weaknesses…

BYU Does not have:
1 consistent FT shooters, guys that are 80% at the line. Our best stat wise is Robinson, followed by Foos and Johnson, Not what you would call money
2 We do not have a star on the team, Hall is the closest to a “drive and draw a foul” guy.
3 BYU can’t seem to keep leads, Pope has got to figure that one out, all other Big 12 teams tend to have that Star, that can go get a foul in crunch time. (refer to #s 1 and 2)

1 BYU does have the Net, we do a whole lot of things right. put BYU in at #4 in the big 12, Houston #1, ISU #6, Kansas #9, BYU #10.
2 BYU has two really really good centers, Foos and Khalifa, sooooo different, so effective. Foos unstoppable inside and Khalifa outside passing and shooting. How could any team prepare for these guys???
3 BYU shooting is elite.
4 BYU defense is top 25
5 BYU loves to shoot 3 and stretch you far from the basket. Pope keeps 5 scorers on the floor at all times, get Foos single coverage or Khalifa back doors all night long.

As I speak, BYU comes out at #20 in the AP. Feels about right if you look at the rest of the country but over rated if we look at Star power and FT ability and holding onto leads.
Buckle up

Did you see this article? It kind of covers what you are saying:

BYU basketball: No. 21 Cougars continue to prove their doubters wrong - Deseret News

More like word for word.
Before the season even starts, I look at one key stat…who on BYU’s roster can go get a basket to win a game. The Big 12 is stacked with these kind of guys, every team has a closer. Does BYU?

Hall is our closest dude but he is more of a “Bull in a china shop” drive kind of a guy. That body moving forward won’t be stopped. Johnson also loves to drive on a pic, but he will OOP a dunk to Atiki (who has that one move) or just plain change direction to a reverse layup, loved his tenacity in the “slam the door shut” layup over KSU.

Then there is FTs, We have got to find a way to close out fouls.

I love this team, love that Pope has them where they are, NOBODY thought we would be here competing so enjoy the ride, and the heartbreak. Special year and look where we will be if we don’t lose key players to NIL in the coming year.

Keep in mind, a 7 or even 8 loss team in the big 12 will still be vying for a 1 or 2 seed in the big dance. Mind Blown!

In the “old days”, Jerry Sloan use to make his players run wind sprints, then immediately go to the FT line and practice shooting FT while exhausted. He said this helped with the Team FT percentages during the games.

I caught that while home sick Khalifa missed his FT in practice and the team had to run stairs.

BYU moved up 2 to #19 in the AP and #17 in the coaches poll.

You’re right: the need to hold onto leads is a concern down the stretch. At least they pulled the Kansas St. game out, though. I am hoping we’re just seeing effects of the illnesses the team is experiencing. Looking forward to the next couple of games.

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I don’t believe it. I might go out on a limb and say it is a possible low #2 seed but that’s a stretch. I can’t say for sure but I’ll believe it when it happens.

See TTU destroy Kansas by 29 tonight. Not sure how many get in. I’m sure if we end up with 21 wins we are in with a good seeding.

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Bill Self gets first ejection at Kansas while becoming third Big 12 coach tossed this month | AP News

Here ya go. So tough to win on the road coupled with injuries or the flu. Kansas killed Houston at home.

Kansas played worse than some of the average WCC teams. Shots were worse than ours on a bad night.Bricking floaters and layups. Dickerson must have been sick (our excuse for bad shooting).

Kevin McCullar Jr. out, nursing a sore knee.

All roads lead through Kansas. Watch and see.

byu was moved into “Lock” by ESPN. One of only 16 teams

ESPN Classifies BYU Basketball as ‘Lock’ for the NCAA Tournament (

other notes;
BYU needs to get to 10-8 in conference to get a 5 seed or better. Super important because they would have home court advantage in SLCity if they can pull it off

I think the win over Iowa State was key. They are a very good team and we handled them at home. I don’t remember, did BYU finish that game like they should every time they have a solid lead?

Anyhow, I am glad to hear it. I didn’t think it was possible after watching the first two games. Speaking of physical play, There must have been more than 60 combined free throws taken tonight vs. UCF.

It was unreal.