Dastrup sightings!

14 minutes!

5/5 2/2 from 3, a couple nice moves and I don’t think he did anything that ticked me off all game. He did get lost on defense or was a step late a few times. He fit well in the flow of the offense. Seemed like communication was decent. Obviously, it’s ISU, but I’ll take it.

I’d like to see his minutes creep up to 20 provided he does a few things better. By the end of the season, he needs to be the starting center and keep Yo on the floor with him. Worthington can back him up and Nixon can back up Yeoli or even let him slide to the three occasionally.

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He’s way better than Worthington, Seljaas, Nixon, etc. but somehow he has to go through this proving process before he gets any significant minutes. That is something that none of the aforementioned had to do to get where they are with playing time.

Sorry, I still don’t get it.

It is going to be a point of contention the entire season because that is what the coaches have decided to make it.

This is yet another example of why BYU never gets there… any other staff and team would have the guy playing at least 20 minutes a game already and making significant contributions… BYU just can’t seem to make themselves do it.

after a year and a half off his mission and the same amount of time in the system as any other player, as it is a new system…why doesn’t this talented guy get busy and learn the defence and practice hard enough not to be “lost” and a step late?

getting there, getting there. baby steps. I want to see Dastrup play in a big game. We have 5, maybe 6 games for BYU to prove they are a dance team.

I like you Harold, you spend time researching your data but I will disagree with you on a point you made on another thread. I don’t think that BYU has to win 3-6 against the big 2. SMC and Gonzaga. I don’t think that BYU would be left out if we slip up on a WCC bottom feeder…it’s gonna happen. Everyone has that game, everyone. Wofford @ North Carolina. It just does but I will say that BYU is not going to have those inexplicable 2 or 3 loss spans that we have had in WCC play. Those killed us and I think we have too good of guard play in this 2018 team to do that.

BYU can have a1 or even 2 loss in bottom feeders so long as we get a couple from SMC and or Gonzaga. We have a 47 RPI and are predicted to go 23-8

We get 26 wins with a Gonzaga win, BYU is in. We get to 27 wins (including the WCC tourney) and we are 100% in.

We have 31 games in regular play and another2, at least in WCC tourney. 33 games with margin of err of 6 losses…not much wiggle room. One game at a time, right

I agree-he has a bigger up side than Seljaas, Worthington, and Nixon. Seems that Rose continues to fight certain players that finally give up and quit and go on to star somewhere else.