Day before Boise game

He looked confident, mobile, and competent. I agree he should get a chance to start, especially if Hoge is not healthy.

At this point, I am just hoping to find a player who can be a bright spot. I was caught totally by surprise at how bad this team is. I knew we would struggle at the running back position if they tried to play Canada. The running back coach is terrible. I also was suspect about the D line, but this bad? I didn’t see it coming. I think Sitaki can pull things together the next 3 years but it may be minus our 2 coordinators. The only thing left to do to finish off the dumpster fire is bring TJ Haws over to be the next QB … Maybe Shumway will consider bb again and bring his defense with him?

100% agree. Tanner is DONE. He is a head case. Also agree that Burt and Tolutau are the guys. Start working Critfield as the future. Detmer is not done.

On defense it’s not so simple. The defensive backs have no clue how to defend 3rd and 6 or even 2nd and 18. So, what is the line suppose to do? It’s not them. It’s the whole defensive coordination that’s array.
Offense play calling is puzzling. Ty waits for the 4th quarter to dump passes to the tailback over the middle? Why not in the 1st quarter? Tolatau only 9 rushes and running like he’s scared to drop the ball? 4th and 1 inch and we pass for 40 yards?

That is why I would make a change at DC.

Crichlow is going to be the QB, I think, for the rest of the year. If he doesn’t take a lot of snaps the rest of the year, Detmer, will be in the hot seat. I believe Sitaki will make sure the kid starts if I could read his body language correctly. I think the kid has all the tools to be really good. My concern is with his touch. He may throw too hard and not be smart enough to use some touch when he needs to. But hopefully, we will see enough of him to make up our minds. Put The 2 good rbs in the game and use them correctly. One issue that Ty has is he tends to forget which rb is in the game. Big backs don’t run sweeps well and small rbs shouldn’t be sent up the middle. Hopefully we can start calling the plays with regard to the personnel.

The coaches better start him after blowing his redshirt. Why did they bring in the other QB earlier?