Defending the offense?

Can anyone really defend the play calling of ARod?
Heck, Can anyone defend ARod as a good OC?

The weak link is ARod on the offensive side of the ball.

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True. But our pass defense disappeared. Especially on 3rd downs. They have 500 yards offense.
The play calls were bad and the offense scheme is so blah. No crossing routes, short passes and screens. And Slovis looked horrible. Our record for day games is poor.

So, why has TCU’s 3-8 defense work and ours did not for years?

Going to be a long season. I thought this game was the most winnable game left on the schedule based on what TCU had done the previous 2 weeks.

We were 2-14 on 3rd downs. Poor playcalling. You have to give Slovis a chance with good game coaching and that didn’t happen. Day games seem to be a problem for BYU. We have 3 or 4 wins coming up. This league is weird this year.

For some strange reason, the coaches continue to try to run the ball when its clearly not working. The O line is weak this year. Passing is the strength of the the offense and should be the main goto with the run mixed in. Hence we need more passing on 1st down. Pass to open up the run.

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Subpar coaches across the board and as a group, subpar talent. Slovis is a good QB but not a great QB.
With the pay-for-play and the university’s multiple issues, BYU will never be a major player in P5 conferences. I wonder if there is dissension in the locker room.

Actually, our two main RBs average about 5.4 yards per carry. We should have run them more. Especially 4th and a yard. Stupid calls. What’s glaring tonight is TCU plays were more complexed and the QB was accurate. Why we keep running the same simple plays that anyone can defend is a head scratcher. The OC and special teams were non-existent. Two tipped punts.

You can tell how BYU has fallen by the fact that very few people posted after the worst game performance in BYU recent history.

Is Jay Hill Defense the answer that many fans wanted? Not sure, I have not been impressed with their performance over the past 6 games, although they are 4-2, the defense looks weak and not sure what to do,

Offense, basically sucks and that is putting a positive spin on the group. Horrible play calling, bad throws, bad catches, no running game.

Not sure where BYU goes from here.

I’ve seen a marked difference with the defense. Let’s put the defense into perspective.

  1. BYU had the ball 5 times and did absolutely nothing.
  2. Offense made 2 of 14 3rd downs.
  3. 1 of 3 4th downs and that real head scratcher Slovis run.
  4. Slovis throws pick 6 and looks pathetic. Always starts game weakly.

See, TCU doesn’t score 44 points if the offense keeps drives alive and score. Defense was okay considering how good TCU looked.

That brings me to my observation. Apparently, the OC coaches reset and worked 2 weeks on fundamentals. Switching players around too. Well, TCU didn’t go back to fundamentals. They continued to add on to their play and looked like they were running pro style passing plays and running plays. BYU went back to high school fundamental pass routes. No crossing routes. No middle passes to Rex. No halfback passes. Incredibly boring offense. I’ve stayed silent about Arod. But it looked to me that Sitaki was confused and scratching his head over the offense. Not the defense.

Now, you and others chased last year’s DC and others out of here. We get a great head coach who focuses on defense. He’s got a much better scheme. How long do you think we will have him? Stop it!

The offense simply cannot and will not be productive on a consistent basis against good teams with ARod as the OC. Anyone seen Holker at CSU lately? We need to fire ARod. Unfortunately that is a harsh statement but it is accurate. Texas would have fired him on the plane ride home! I am willing to give Hill a couple of years. He has always had good defenses and he inherited a lot of very average football players. Many recruits decided to go elsewhere because of Tui. We literally ran off lots of good defensive football players over the last 5 years.

Sitake is an excellent PR guy. He is likable and a good recruiter. But he has no credibility as a offensive guru or any track record of winning offenses. He should be a better offensive guy than he is because of his background. He actually has more cred as a defensive coach but he isn’t able to make hard decisions. He needs to be a figure head and take a pay cut to allow more money to go to the OC and DC to get top notch guys. He needs to stay out of the offense and defense and play calling gimmicks. He isn’t any good in those areas. But he is a good figure head. ARod simply has to go.


I was willing to give ARod some slack to see if he could inspire better performances from a whole new group of players, but I think you are spot on with your analysis of the situation. I agree with your observations and your conclusions. I understand the reluctance to fire staff midseason, but that will be the only way for BYU to pull out a winning season this year. Look how long it took to send Tui packing.

Didn’t seem at all that Sitaki called any of the plays. Especially on the offensive. He only said to go for it on 4th downs but you could see in his facial expression and body language that he was unhappy with the actual play calls.
The defense has been much better this year. Hill is top notch with defenses and a former head coach. Don’t be an $&@ and run him off too.

Three glaring errors that I see that Arod and the entire offensive staff has seemed to be missing or clueless (just kidding).:

  1. The offensive line is bad, they pass block pretty well (not great), but when it comes to run blocking, they have no clue. Several former linemen for BYU have spoken about the issue. I was glad to see that Pay is back at center, he knows the schemes better than Mahele(sp?).

  2. This goes along with #1, Who is teaching the wide receivers and tight ends to block? over the past three games, I have seen these group simply push the player away, but never EVER continue to block for the sweeps the running back run.

  3. There seems to a disconnect between the QB and the receivers and it seems to be getting worse as the season progresses. This kind of surprises me because of all the press that the QB and receivers spent during the summer learning to sync.

Well, something we agree with. Our passing plays take too long to develop. We need more complexed slants and TE over the middle as well. But the effort of all receivers is not good as you said.

Is that because:
A. The QB feels pressure because the of Oline protection breaking down?
B. The receivers do not seem to be able to get separation?
C. Downfield blocking is not very good?
D. The coaches taking to long to relay the play in?

I know a lot of people like to blame the QB for taking so long, but sometimes there are other factors invovled.

B. The routes and plays are so basic with no complicated pics that the DBs for TCU. They have two or three that will play in the NFL as the announcers talked about. Slovis has plenty of time. Like I said, compared to other teams, our plays look like high school plays. Our run game looked better than our pass game Saturday.

Well, there won’t be anyone fired at this time. So, is there something BYU can do now? Yes! Get a lot more creative on offense. Both Trevor Matich and Dave McCann spoke at length on this. Watch BYUSN today as they spoke on this. We run boring easy to defend JV high school stuff. We make simple mistakes as well. The pick 6 was the receiver’s fault. It was man defense and the receiver stopped. You stop with a zone. Should not have been picked off. Mental mistakes. I thought we got new team psychologists?
Also, at DBs we are really in a bad situation with injuries. Matich talked about that too. What happened with our new strength and conditioning coach?

Floyd-go and read my post on the State of the Union that I just wrote. I hadn’t read your message yet but I actually fleshed out my thoughts on each of the points you make here…you can read my reasoning, but I’m giving Jay Hill more time because our talent on D is just terrible and that’s not his fault. Our O on the other hand is terrible and shouldn’t be with the talent we have.

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A YouTube channel showed up on my feed that I thought was really interesting. This guy breaks down all the x’s and o’s of BYU offense and shows how plays are supposed to develop and decisions that slovis is making.

I have a hard time seeing these plays being characterized as high school plays. Didn’t watch the TCU game and he hasn’t broken it down yet, so maybe it’s different than previous games. One conclusion I have after watching these videos is mad respect for slovis. He has to make split second decisions considering multiple factors and deliver accurately.